Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas for men and women

Meanings of watercolor tattoos

As the alluring beauty, these designs symbolize meanings which are also equally captivating. A tattoo can be a symbol of memory, reflection of one’s belief, expression of our love for those who’ve passed or simply a form of artwork. Most common form of watercolor tattoos is those of birds and insects.

Butterfly watercolor tattoos depicting life, hope, metamorphosis and rebirth are often used. Floral watercolor tattoos like rose depicts love and beauty whereas lotus depicts purity. One of the most common floral tattoos is that of daffodil blown by wind, which symbolizes letting go of life miseries and freedom.

Abstract arts are common and catchy watercolor tattooing. The blotching and splattering of colors represent one’s feeling, thoughts or even opinion. Meanings of different designs are interpreted differently by onlookers.

Watercolor Tattoo Design For Women

Watercolor back tattoos for girls
Watercolor Back Tattoo for Girls-03

Water color shoulder back tattoos for girlsWatercolor Back Tattoos for Girls-04

Watercolor hand tattoos for girls – Part 1Watercolor Hand Tattoos for Girls-24

Water color hand tattoos for girls – Part 2Watercolor Hand Tattoo for Girls

Watercolor leg tattoos for womenWatercolor Leg Tattoos for Girls

Water color thigh tattoos for womenWater color thigh tattoos for women

Watercolor side tattoos for girlsWatercolor Side Tattoos for Girls

Water color back shoulder tattoos for girlsWatercolor Back Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

Watercolor shoulder tattoos for girlsWatercolor shoulder tattoos for girls

Water color forearm tattoos for girlsWatercolor Forearm Tattoos for Girls

Watercolor back tattoos for girlsWatercolor Back Tattoos for Girls-13

Water color front shoulder tattoos for girlsWatercolor Front Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

Watercolor Arm tattoos for womenWatercolor Arm tattoos for Women

Watercolor Tattoo Design For Men

Watercolor sleeve tattoos for menSleeve Tattoo for men

Water color shoulder tattoos for menWater Color Shoulder Tattoos for Men

 Watercolor leg tattoos for menLeg Tattoo for men

Water color arm tattoos for menWatercolor Arm Tattoos for Men

Chest watercolor tattoos for menChest Watercolor Tattoos for Men

Forearm watercolor tattoo for menForearm Watercolor Tattoo for Men


Ideal placement of watercolor tattoos

Position of placement of watercolor tattoo is as important as choosing the right design. Place of having a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo. Larger tattoos look good when placed in larger surface areas such as back, stomach, rib, legs and shoulder, whereas smaller tattoos are ideal for smaller areas such as ankles, wrists, spine, back of the ear and even on the fingers.

Some people have social and professional restrictions on getting inked. For most people of this type, tattoos on places which can be easily covered up are ideal such as torso, hip area.

The watercolor tattoos are subjected to fade quickly if proper care is not taken. This mainly means keeping it protected from sunlight and getting touchups whenever necessary is important. Watercolor tattoos look best on lighter skin as the translucent nature of the tattoo ink becomes even clearer in this tattooing style. It is best to choose a covered or un-tanned area for tattooing.


Preparation tips on getting a tattoo

Few things that are to be remembered before getting a tattoo are:

  • To eat a proper meal before going for tattooing as the body needs energy to heal the tattoo damages and also to prevent starving when the tattooing sessions are longer. Keep yourself hydrated the whole time.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable to remove or pull up depending on the area to be tattooed.
  • Be prepared with all the aftercare essentials needed post tattooing such as antibacterial ointments or gauze. It is better to enquire with the tattooist beforehand about all the essentials to be purchased.


Types of watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are unique form of tattoo designs created from blotches and splashes of colors. The distinctive blend of colors used makes it strikingly attractive. With wide array of styles available, pinpointing of classification is challenging. The main two distinct types are classified based on the background black base availability.

Watercolor Tattoos without Black base –

Watercolor tattoos without black base is depicted as tattoo design without black outline or line work. Producing tattoos that  looks more like a watercolor painting. These kinds of tattoos have fading edges that looks like merging with the skin and are hard to distinguish. Mainly relies on the bright coloring of the design to make it more appealing.


Watercolor Tattoos with black base

Watercolor tattoos with black base are designs with some line work. The coloring is then done on these line work. The skeletal line work provides a higher contrasting effect comparing to the ones without black base. Most tattooists maintain black base for two reasons. First reason is the ability of the black foundation to age slowly and second reason being the inexperience of the tattooist in delivering designs without black borders.

Popular Watercolor Tattoo designs


Ways to prevent quick fading of watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are more prone to fading comparing to the traditional tattoos. Usage of light coloring on the tattoos adds to misery of fading quickly. Watercolor tattoos age slowly when proper maintenance is ensured. This includes:

Choose the right artist – An artist with plenty of experience in this tattooing style will ensure that the tattoo is made from techniques which prevent its quick fading. Always choose your tattooist wisely by asking them to provide samples of their previous work. Less experienced tattooist cannot make watercolor tattoos as it requires certain touch and artistic looks.

Keep it away from sunlight – Sunlight has bad impacts equally on old as well as new tattoos. Constant exposure of tattoo to sunlight will result in faster fading. Application of high strength sun screen lotions to block the effect of sunlight from your tattoo is most recommended. Covering up the tattoos by dressing according will also help in preventing fading.

Keep the skin healthy – The beauty of the tattoo can last longer when the skin on which it is created is healthy. A nutritious diet, adequate hydration and quality sleep plays a major role in ensuring the freshness of the tattoo

Moisturize – A hydrating moisturizer is essential for preventing the sagging, wrinkling and dying out of the skin and keep it well hydrated. Usage of fragrance free good quality skin-sensitive lotions will help in quick healing of the tattoo and to prevent fading.

Prevent Rubbing – Tattoos in areas prone to frequent rubbing will result in quicker fading of the tattoos. It is recommended to prevent putting tattoos on top of your feet or buttocks.

Watercolor tattoos are made without any proper designs as compared to the traditional tattoos which require proper outline and shades. Watercolor tattoos give the artists the freedom to creatively develop unique designs with blends of colors. Watercolor tattoos of all designs can be formed provided, the tattooist has expertise skill in watercolor tattooing.