Best 24 Feather Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Tattoos are lovely fashion items that both the men and women are going for to transform some parts of their bodies. When you have a great tattoo, people will love it and appreciate it. You will surely love feather tattoos when you see them.

Meaning of Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoo can mean a concept of freedom because it is associated with birds. Birds are considered as free animals and that is why they can fly from one part of the world to another. A single or even the multiple feathers can talk about looking for freedom. Also, #feather equally talks about the element of movement, ideas, ability to interact and intellectuality. Feathers can represent those who have passed away, a connection with the dead.

Feather tattoos are some of the finest tattoos that you can see around. It is rare and special. It is not everyone that you see these tattoos on.  When you are looking for a #tattoo design to seek your liberation with, this tattoo is simply one to go for because of the beauty and the significance. They also represents gifts falling from the sky. The feathers also mean Freedom, Truth, Lightness, Speed, Ascension, Flight, High spirit, Dreams, Purity, Courage, Promise, Bravery, Hope, Communication with the other side, Journey of the soul, Travel, Magic, Levitation and Weightlessness. Tattoos are beautifully designed to give you that identity that you need. There are various types of tattoos that you can use in changing the way you look.

1. Lovely feather tattoo idea on female arm

beautiful feather tattoosHave you seen this type of tattoo before? A lot of ladies make use of this feather tattoo because it is beautiful and also of its versatility.

2. Colorful feather tattoo design on the arm

colored feather tattoosThere is no part of the body that you cannot ink it. However, we must tell you that you should know the meaning of the tattoo that you want to  use.

3. Colorful birds and feather tattoo ink for the hand

feather with birds tattoos

There are a lot of meanings when you make use of feather tattoo. Feather tattoo is related with freedom. We are aware that feathers belong to birds and birds are known to be free.

4. Flying birds tattoo design idea on female sleeves

best feather tattoos

When you have multiple or single tattoo of feather, it can only say you are seeking freedom.

5. Birds and feather tattoo design on girls back

feather tattoo pic

Feather tattoo like this doesn’t really talk of freedom, it can talk about ideas. Feathers are elements of air and when you are associated with it, it means that you are thinking of getting something great or exceptional.

6. Side of body feather tattoo idea for girls

feather tattoos for girls

Tattoo like this can be imprinted on any part of the body. When you have it on this part of your body, it doesn’t stop looking prettier.

7. Colorful birds and feather tattoo ink for the back

tattoos of feathers

The first thing that you should do is to get a skilled artist who is going to help you with an amazing design.

8. Cute and small bird’s feather tattoo ink idea for the woman’s hand

cool feather tattoos

The cost of getting this tattoo may not be as expensive as you think. There are a lot of online services where you can get a tattoo at an affordable rate.

9. The feather tattoo idea for the girls back with a message

pretty feather tattoos

All you have to do is to ask questions and when you do, you will be able get the best and affordable artist who can get you a good design.

10. Ankle feather tattoo design idea for women

feather tattoo image

There is no segregation among sexes when it comes to tattoos like this. The way tattoos have become a fashion accessory is why we see men and women who are ready to get inked with a #design like this.

11. Sleeve feather tattoo ink for girls

feather bird tattoos

You cannot deny that the tattoo design is not lovely. When you have a tattoo as lovely as this, a lot of people would always look at it.

12. Feather tattoo  idea for women ankle

feather tattoo meaning

To look chic is to get a great tattoo design. There is no telling on how far people will talk about how lovely your tattoo looks even when you are not around.

13. Full shoulder feather tattoo design for women

feather tattoo on arm

This is the reason a lot of people are now making use of artists to get amazing tattoos like this. At the end of the day you are the one to be appreciated by everyone. image source

14. Cool elbow feather tattoo for women

feather tattoos

Feathers are easily adapted to any part of the human body, they are versatile and beautiful to behold. Some parts of the body where feathers make great impacts are around the back, the legs or even the forearms.  You cannot jump up from the bed and pick a feather without knowing anything about it. image source

15. Forearm leaves and feather tattoo ink for girls

feather arm tattoo

Feathers come from different birds and they mean different things to people.  However, feather stand for freedom. We see only few birds held in captivity while the larger part of them are seen roaming around the earth without restriction. image source

16. Colorful feather tattoo ink idea for the girl’s hand

color feather tattoos

When people see you with a feather, they are already aware that you are talking about freedom or seeking freedom. image source

17. Lovely feather tattoo idea on men arm

feather tattoo ideas

The use of feather tattoos can evoke things like an element. Feather can portray intellectuality, freedom of speech, #ideas and lots more including eloquence.  If you have taken note you will realize that there many types of feather tattoos in the world. image source

18. Sexy side of body tattoo idea for girls

feather tattoo on side

You can exhibit spirituality with feathers and for those who are traditional chiefs, they can make use of this tattoo. image source

19. Mandala and ankle feather tattoo design for ladies

feather tattoo on foot

You should know that the feathers of an eagle symbolize strength and courage, that of peacock is royalty and beauty and the other birds still have their meanings. image source

20. Feather tattoo idea for the arms

feather tattoos designs

The feathers are not huge and can fit any part of the body. You can create a lot of things around your feather tattoo. image source

21. Skull and feather ink tattoo for men on arms

feather tattoo design

If you love other things like rose, animals, spirituals or anything that you may want to add to your feather, it is possible to do. image source

22. Flying birds and sleeve feather tattoo design for women

colorful feather tattoo

The first thing we will recommend to you is to sit down and make your research on birds and their feathers. When you are done, choose your feather and decide the part of your body that you want it to be inked. image source

23. Shoulder feather tattoo idea for men

tattoo ideas feathers

When you must have gotten this information, you should look for an artist, who will create that lovely feather for you on your body. image source

24. Shoulder feather tattoo idea with message, one day I will fly away’ for ladies

feather back tattoo

There  is a number of places you can get an artist who will identify with your tattoo. Dialogue is very important between you and your artist. A misunderstanding can end up giving you the wrong concept of feather that you desire to have. image source

25. Colorful  feather tattoo ink for the hand

feather tattoos design

image source