Best 25 Anchor Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Anchor tattoos mean one simple thing; stability. Stability can be portrayed in various situations. There are many areas of life that one can be stable and one way of proudly showing it off is through a tattoo. The use of #anchor tattoo is used by many people to tell untold stories of what they have passed through in some stages of their lives.

Anchor tattoo meaning

Anchor tattoo represents symbolize strength and stability. Have you seen anchor tattoo before? This #tattoo was started so many years ago by the Sumerians. The tattoo has become one of the world’s oldest tattoos and was also used by the early Christians.  This was when they were persecuted because of their beliefs. It includes maritime service in a seafaring agency such as a navy, strength, safety and security,

The anchor tattoo was used to tell a lot of stories. It was used to symbolize the cross and also talked about Jesus Christ and his sufferings on the cross. It also talked about masculine and feminine powers that anyone can make use of. Today, the anchor can be blended with other items to give it other meanings. Anchor tattoos are used represent a new relationship, because it symbolizes the ability to stay afloat during times of trouble. As there is not so much stigma regarding tattoos in the 21st century, the anchor tattoo is prominent in mainstream society due to its meaning and associated symbolism. There is always a story for an anchor tattoo that is inked on the body. It is only the wearer who would be able to tell those stories to others.

1. Cool anchor tattoo design idea for the girl’s foot

foot anchor tattoos

These days, tattoo has become trendy that we are seeing so many people come to embrace a tattoo like this.  There are two types of body inking; the permanent and the temporary designs. The choice is for you to decide.

2. Hand anchor tattoo ink idea for female

cute anchor tattoos

Permanent tattoo can slowly fade with aging but it may does not go away from  the body except with extreme modifications.

3. Thigh anchor tattoo ideas with the message, Don’t let yourself sink

girly anchor tattoos

Laser treatment can be used but the pain that is associated with the process  is excruciating.

4. Amazing hand anchor tattoo design idea for girls

anchor tattoo pic

This is the reason why people are scared of going for this type of tattoo.  The cost of doing this is also expensive which is a disadvantage.

5. Back of hand anchor tattoo design idea for boys

anchor tattoos for guys

The temporary tattoo can be easily removed.  The pigment is inked on the outer skin layers which only leave the epidermis coloured. You should understand that you may lose some of your skins cells when it is removed.

6. Colorful small flowers and anchor tattoo idea on thigh

female anchor tattoos

Do not worry about the skin cells that are lost because they would grow back within a short time.  If you are thinking of getting this tattoo but not sure if it will be what you may want to keep for long, go for the temporary design.

7. Anchor sleeve tattoo design idea for boys

best anchor tattoos

The after effects of the temporary tattoo are not much compared to the permanent tattoo that takes time to heal after removable.

8. Anchor tattoo design idea near elbow

feminine anchor tattoos

You should not be in a hurry to get a tattoo inked if you are decisive about the design. This tattoo has been done by a skilled artist who did an amazing work along with the #idea of the user.

9. Biceps anchor tattoo design idea for boys

anchor tattoo image

You are not going to feel pain if it is a temporary design. However, for those who would want to get a tattoo that would last forever, you should be ready to endure pain during its removal.

10. Colorful small flowers and anchor tattoo ink idea for the hand

tattoos anchor

Forget about losing blood when it comes to temporary #design unlike the permanent tattoo design.

11. Couple anchor tattoo ideas on hand

cool anchor tattoos

Have you ever wondered how this pretty tattoo came about?

12. Shoulder to half sleeve anchor tattoo idea for the women

anchor tattoos for girls

The time that went into it, the attention given and the cost are some of things you can consider when you are going for a tattoo. You have a lot of fun when you have an amazing tattoo like this. Think of it.

13. Small and cute anchor tattoo design idea for the girls on ankle

anchor tattoo on ankle

image source

14. Traditional Anchor tattoo on hand

anchor art tattooYou may seen an anchor tattoo that has ribbons spread across it with the word ‘ Family’ written on it. Sometimes, you may find dad or mom on them . These words portrayed talks about strength and bond for them. You may be in a relationship that has hit the rock over and over again but still came around to make it. What you need to get is an anchor tattoo. image source

15. Colorful small flowers and anchor tattoo design idea

anchor tattoo design

image source

16. Wrist anchor tattoo design idea for the girls

anchor tattoo on wrist

The first thing that you need to do before getting an anchor tattoo is to research a little on the type of anchor that will suit you. There are many places where these tattoos can rest on the human’s body. The size of the tattoo can depend on where you want it to be placed. Even the side of the fingers can be a perfect place to leave your anchor tattoo. image source

17. Dreamcatcher and anchor tattoo idea for girls on wrist

anchor tattoos on wrist

An anchor can be said to be that strength that can hold any ship where the sailors want it to be without moving. image source

18. Colorful anchor tattoo design ink idea for female

tattoo anchor designs

Today, people are getting anchor tattoos that tell them that they can stand when everything seems to be falling apart. image source

19. Small couple anchor tattoo idea on hand

anchor tattoo on hand

The use of anchor tattoos can also be that bond that will bridge distance relationship together; a reminder of everything good that is about to happen and a close bond among family members. image source

20. Side of body anchor tattoo idea for the girls

anchor tattoo on side

If you are a tattoo savvy person, the use of anchor tattoos can go a long way in giving you that statement that you desperately need. image source

21. Bird and anchor tattoo design ink idea for the girls on foot

anchor tattoo on foot

How do you want to make the tattoo statement? There are places like the ankle, neck and thigh where you can use the tattoo. image source

22. Heart and anchor tattoo design idea on arm

colorful anchor tattoos

You can blend your tattoo with flowers, words, designs and many other shapes. Each of the design that comes with the tattoo anchor is lovely. image source

23. Flying birds holding anchor design tattoo idea for the women back

anchor tattoo on back

Tattoos have become one of the favourite fashion items that most people are going for these days. You cannot lose out of the trend with an anchor tattoo on any part of your body. image source

24. Anchor tattoo idea with message, Never sink

anchor tattoos ideas

Take a look at the various designs and choose the best for you. image source

25. Colorful calf anchor tattoo design idea for female

anchor tattoos

image source