Best 26 Elephant Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

The popularity of animals used as tattoos has increased over the years. They portray the various characteristics people get associated with when they have pets or love animals like elephants , lions and many others. Some of the world’s favourite tattoos on animals come from wild animals in the jungles.

Elephant Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of #elephant tattoo has different meanings to different people.  Elephant can mean peace, strength and power.  It is symbolic to those who are looking for communication, wisdom, good luck and success.   Some people consider it as fertility while others take it as devotion, consideration, patience and chastity.

Elephants are also considered alongside with clouds and prosperity, nobility, happiness, memory, determination and invisibility. Elephant tattoos come in different shapes and sizes. However, it is  the work of a wearer to decide where the #tattoo would be placed. Everyone who loves this tattoo has preference to the meaning and can only tell you where they are making use of the tattoo at the place that they are inked. The elephant represents Prosperity, Memory, Ÿ Happiness,Ÿ Nobility,Ÿ Determination, Invincibility and  Compassion.

Power, Strength, Success, Family, Community, Maternal, Good Luck, Wisdom, Communication and Peace are some of the representation of elephant tattoo. Elephants are some of the finest creatures that you can get inked on your body and have that blissful feeling that makes you want to show off the tattoo anywhere that you are in. The placement can be done on any part of the body. Also, there are different ways by which the elephant can be drawn on the body.

1. Amazing hand elephant tattoo ink for boys

cool elephant tattoos

People make use of tattoos to express their personalities and feelings.  Tattoos have become what stand people out in the crowd.

2. Bicep Elephant tattoo idea for men

pretty elephant tattoos

There are people who cannot stop getting imprints each time they find a reason for that. What do you do when it comes to having that awesome #design that would make you turn heads like this tattoo?

3. Cool thigh elephant tattoo design for girls

elephant thigh tattoos

The first thing that you need to do is to research. You are not going to forgive yourself if you ever get a tattoo that is badly drawn. The shame and trauma is something you may not want to wish your enemy.

4. Leaves and elephant tattoo ink idea for women thigh

cute elephant tattoos

Meeting people who are good in drawing tattoos like this is all you need to achieve that result you need on your body. With the thousands of designs out there for you to choose from, getting inked has become a luxury that is very affordable these days.

5. Love elephants tattoo ink on female biceps

elephant tattoos

There are designers who have specialized on various tattoos. The good thing you can do for yourself is to get an artist who is specialized in this tattoo.

6. Rose and Elephant bicep tattoo idea for ladies

elephant face tattoos

Over the years, people have started going for tattoo.  Do not go for artists who are learning. It may be a terrible thing to do because you may get tattoo that would not look as good as this.

7. Shoulder elephant tattoo design for ladies

beautiful elephant tattoos

There are different designs you can choose from online.  With this design, you are not going to feel out of place. We advise people to visit great tattoo shops to help you compare your options if you are not satisfied with the online designs.

8. Flower and elephant tattoo design on ladies shoulder

tattoos elephants

The placement is done perfectly and you are not going to get something different if you contact a good artist to help you.

9. Compass and colourful elephant tattoo ink for women back

pictures elephant tattoos

The work of an artist is what would convince you that the person is good at drawing tattoos.

10. Cute flowers and elephant design for women back

elephant tattoo pic

There is no way you can get a permanent tattoo that you would hate. It is best that you make up your mind first on the design you need before going for this .

11. Compass and elephant biceps tattoo design for girls

elephant tattoos for girls

The placement is very important which is the more reasons why you should make sure that you have done your homework first before the inking.

12. Cool elephant tattoo design on leg

elephant tattoo image

13. Elephant shoulder tattoo ink for ladies

elephant tattoo on back


14. Cute elephant tattoo design on female hand

elephants tattoo designs

Strong animals like the elephants have the respect of people from Africa and India because of the legendary strength they exhibit and their size. Great leaders were associated with these elephants and during the wars, elephants became weapons of psychology that instill great fears all over the enemies camp before the war can begin.

15. Flower and elephant tattoo ink idea on girls shoulder

elephant tattoo on arm

In India, they are worshiped and represent kindness and divinity. When it comes to elephant tattoos, the colour of the elephant is preferred unlike some animals where different colours are used.  The use of this tattoo can represent fidelity and longevity. You now know why most people go for this tattoo design.

16. Jewellery and elephant tattoo on female hand

indian elephant tattoo

The truth is elephant tattoos have become not become as popular as other animals.  Are you wondering if a lady can make use of this tattoo? Yes!  The men may be popular users of the elephant tattoos but the women still go for it.

17. Super full Chest elephant tattoo idea for men

elephant tattoo ideas

If your artist is good, he or she can simply downsize the elephant to fit into any part of the body including the fingers or ankles.

18. Simple elephant tattoo on boys arm

elephant tattoo on arm

You should understand that some people who go for this tattoo, do that because of their association with spiritual, logical or even a personal person, not forgetting that some go for this tattoo because of its aesthetic value.

19. Cute elephant tattoo design on female back

elephant back tattoos

You should be sure that the elephant tattoo that you are using is what you really need because most tattoos are permanent.

20. Amazing elephant male tattoo ink for the shoulder

elephant arm tattoo

You may have to do some researches on the tattoo before you ever think of using it. There are many ways of pushing your elephant tattoos to be exceptional. It only takes time and the hand of a gifted artist who knows where to draw your tattoo.

21. Small elephant tattoo design idea for the women back

colorful elephant tattoo

There are numerous websites that you can make use of when you are thinking of having an elephant tattoo.

22. Nail and elephant tattoo design for men shoulder

elephant tattoos

When you visit these websites, it will be easier to pick the design that you need.  The beauty that elephant exhibits can be fully portray on any good tattoo.

23. Amazing elephant tattoo design for men chest

elephant tattoo design

What are you still waiting for to change the way you look with your elephant tattoo?

24. Cool elephant tattoo ink idea on girl arm

elephant face tattoo

Make your tattoo statement with this tattoo and smile off when people stare at it.

25. Red splash and elephant tattoo idea for the arm

elephant wrist tattoo


26. Elephant sleeve tattoo design for ladies

elephant tattoos design