Lion Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

When you have a lion tattoo, you tend to exhibit a leadership stance. You are feared and loud. We are aware that lions are known for their courage, strength and power. Royalty is clearly depicted in this tattoo.  Lions can be made to roar, look real, calm and even looks threatening. It depends on what you want and how the artist wants to show off his or her skills on your skin.

Lion Tattoo meaning

The #lion tattoo is always ferocious in its look and talks about pride, courage, royalty and strength. There are different meanings according to cultures. Lion can also mean Purity, Power, Bravery, Courage, Loyalty, Nobility, Protection, Honesty, Strength, Integrity and Authority. The meaning of a lion tattoo is very important which is the reason why a lot of people would always want to know the significance of what they are inking.  The art is lovely and can cover any art of the body even the smallest parts like the fingers.

The perspectives in talking about lions are what make them one of the best #tattoos to be inked.  Two lions that are shown back to back tell us about sunrise and sunset or even the East coming to meet the West. Lion can talk about guidance and can be seen in some sacred or respected places around the world.

The colours that the tattoo comes with determine a lot of things too. You can decide the colour and shape of the tattoo. Customization is very important which is the reason we see various shapes of the lion on different parts of the body. The creativity of the tattoo is simply amazing.


1. Cool sleeve lion tattoo idea for women

lion tattoo on hand

image source

2. Cute lion finger tattoo design idea for female

lion tattoo ideas

Unlike the elephant tattoos that are not that popular, lion tattoos are famously created on a lot of tattoo lover’s skins. image source

3. Sketched lion tattoo idea for ladies on the back

lion tattoo on back

You can choose to be a creative person when it comes to choosing your lion tattoo.  Do not be worried about the size. image source

4. Lovely lion tattoo design ink idea for men on the arms

lion tattoo designs

You can decide how big you want your lion to be on your skin. With the help of a skillful artist you are sure to get that lovely tattoo on your skin. image source

5. Wounded lion hand tattoo idea with message; do not be afraid

lion tattoo art

Some people prefer to have only the head of the lion represented while others wants to have all the parts inked. image source

6. Full sleeve roses and lion tattoo idea for ladies

lion design tattoos

There is no type of lion tattoo that you choose that will not be dramatic.  You can use a different colour on your lion to make you different from what others are using. image source

7. Amazing arm lion tattoo design for girls

lion tattoos on arm

We will tell you that the colour and design you choose are what will differentiate you from the others.  You can even play with colours on the mane, mouth, eyes and the rest of the body. image source

8. Cool hand lion tattoo ink idea for guys

lion hand tattoo

One great creative thing you can choose when getting inked is to have a natural habitat where the lion can blend in. When you have  a background that is colourful, you will get a lion tattoo that is rare and realistic. image source

9. Crowned lion tattoo design idea for men

lion crown tattoo

We must tell you that the cost of tattoos differs. The larger the size, the more expensive it becomes. image source

10. Colorful flowers and lion tattoo ink for girls on the half sleeve

colorful lion tattoo

Now that you are ready to have that lion tattoo, it is time to choose the part of your body that you want it to be. Not only that, you should not just pick an artist to make your drawing for you. A wrong drawing can cause you more agony than aesthetic pleasure. image source

11. Roaring lion hand tattoo idea for guys

lion tattoos

The websites where some artists display their tattoo works can be a place to start looking for your artist if you do not have. image source

12. Sleeve moving lion tattoo idea for women

lion king tattoo

When you get an artist, you will have to go over with the details of what you want to achieve at the end of the day. The choice is all yours. image source

13. Roaring lions tattoo ink for men on the chest

lion tattoo on chest

image sourc