Best 24 Bird Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Have you ever seen cute bird tattoos? Of course you have. These tattoos are feminine when it is used on ladies and very beautiful to behold.

Bird tattoo meaning

Birds are known as free creatures which are the reason why a lot of people are inking it. It can be associated with a lot of things in life and this is why you can find men and women making use of it. Some of people associate the #bird tattoo with nobility, freedom, peace, love, knowledge, keen intellect, elegance, beauty, family, motherhood, spiritual guidance and lots more.

Bird tattoos are designed to look cool and extraordinary in design and shape. This is one of the reasons why people choose it over some other #tattoo designs.  There are various designs of bird tattoos that have different meanings. You are the one to decide the type of bird that you need to have inked on your body. Birds come in sizes and shapes and each of them have something special about them.  People who are interested in going for freedom or sense of belonging in life can go for this special tattoo design. The bird tattoo can be inked on any part of the body without it getting it meaning lost and also it can tell a lot of things about a person.

bird tattoos on side

Birds are known to be fascinating and beautiful creatures. Every bird tattoo has a symbolic meaning and most people make use of them as their mediators between man and gods. image source

flying birds tattoos

We can tell you the meaning of some of the bird tattoos before you can think of using them.  The Sparrow tattoo can be used to represent a state of insignificance and lowliness. The Holy Bible had used it to represent loneliness and solitude. image source

best bird tattoos

However, if it in Japan, it represents loyalty while in Greek myths, it is associated with fertility and the goddess Aphrodite. image source

birds tattoo design

If you are thinking of getting a Swallow tattoo, then you are talking about fertility and renewed life. For those in Africa, the swallow represents purity while those in China see swallows as marital happiness. image source

Stunning Bird Tattoos for You

tattoo designs birdsOne of the popular bird tattoos is the Dove tattoo that represents purity, gentleness, peace and soul innocence. When you see two doves that are together, you can talk about fidelity and marital love. What about Swan tattoos? image source

bird tattoos on hand

Swam represents submission and trust while in Greek, it stands for the goddess Venus. People who go for stork tattoos, want to represent birth and spring. image source

bird tattoo ideas

The parrot represents fertility and spring and takes about imitation because parrots are known to mimic. However, parrots are considered to be associated with rainmaking, prophecy, love and karma in Hinduism. image source

bird tattoo designs

In China, Crane can be said to be good omen. Some called them the bearer of happiness and love or the messengers of the gods. image source

bird tattoo on arm

To get a good #design of a bird tattoo is what you need to consider first. You should make sure that you have considered the tattooist who is going to do the drawing for you. image source

bird tattoosThe quality of the drawing is what will matter at the end of the day. image source

bird tattoo designs arm

There are many ways that you can achieve this. The first thing that you have to do is to look at the type of message you want to pass. image source

bird tattoos on back

After doing this you can talk about the tattooist. There are websites where you can find a good tattooist for your bird tattoos. Finally, you need to draw at that part of the body that you consider perfect for your bird tattoo. What you do think of these birds? image source


lovely bird tattoos

Birds are lovely creatures that endear our heart when we see them. We may not have the opportunity of seeing these birds perch on our body but we have the privilege of having them inked on us. The bird tattoo has become a popular bird tattoo that anyone can make use of.  image source

tattoo birds flying

There are different types of birds; domesticated and wild birds of all species and sizes. Each bird has its significance which is the reason we should be careful of the type of bird tattoo that we are going to make use of. image source

bird tattoos for girls

Take for instance, the crow or raven has been associated with black magic and witchcraft while the white doves are known to symbolize peace and purity. image source

bird tattoos for women

It is important that you understand that bird tattoo design has become essential. You should take our time in searching through the online catalogue of birds before you pick your choice. image source

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The first time that you have to do is get a tattooist who will tell you what is in vogue. You should reflect on the qualities that particular birds you are choosing have. image source

flower and bird tattoos

When you see tattoos like this, you cannot help but stare at it. If you are  a lady and is looking for what to ink to stand alone and powerful in the public, you can go for this hand bird tattoo that has flowers intermingled with. image source

black bird tattoos

Fashionistas have learnt how to take fashion to the next level when it comes to bird tattoos. You can make the difference when you want to move out with that floral design when you have a great floral bird tattoo like this. image source

beautiful bird tattoos

When you see this tattoo, you will love them. The beauty of this tattoo makes them exceptionally great. Do not worry even if you are a male because your body will accept this type of design. image source

cute bird tattoos

No one sees this type of tattoo and will not love it. The colourful nature of the tattoo is amazing and those who are drawing it are people with eyes for good things. image source

colorful bird tattoos

You can meet your tattooist to help you make this great tattoo on your body. image source

cool bird tattoos

When you mix words and birds together as tattoo, you will get a great masterpiece like this. How do you like this tattoo? image source

colourful bird tattoo designsimage source