Rose Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

All over the world the trend of tattoos have consumed fashion savvy men and women. The trend has overtaken celebrities that we can count the few who are not bearing the marks of one thing or the other.  In the beginning, we saw the men dominating the art of tattoos but not any longer as we are seeing millions of women embrace the art. Have you seen rose tattoos before?


Rose Tattoo meaning

Rose depicts love. Those who are in love can easily identify with the #rose tattoo.  When the rose is not with thorns, it means that there is no sacrifice to be made when loving and then, when there are thorns, it means there is sacrifice to be made.   Endless beauty is what rose can also mean to some people. Some sailors choose this #tattoo because of its special purposes.  It is also linked to femininity that mostly refers to special ladies who are left behind during voyages. Even some goddesses are identified with this tattoo.  Rose can also be used to talk about balance. Gone are the days when roses are only for the ladies.

Today, even men are inking this tattoo to show how good they can be when it comes to loving their partners.  It means Love, Resurrection and Rebirth, Spirituality and the Soul, Transformation, Spirituality and the Soul, Grace and Femininity. The elegance and pride it exhumes when it is inked is amazing. It is the work of a wearer to decide where the tattoo would be placed. .  The art is lovely and can cover any art of the body even the smallest parts like the fingers.  The local significance of the tattoo depends on the way the person who inked it thinks about it.

1. Cute hand rose tattoo design idea for women

rose hand tattoos

The hands can get prettier with a rose tattoo that may serve as a remembrance of so many things to you. image source

2. Thigh lovely rose tattoo design for young girls

rose tattoo on thigh

You can take your rose tattoo to the next level when you make it bold and beautiful on your thigh.

3. Side of the body tattoo ink idea with message, dad and mom for girls

rose tattoos on side

Today, artistes have devised better ways of making rose look prettier and daring on the skin. image source

4. Rose tattoo ink idea for men on the arms

rose tattoo designs

Dare the more when you have a rose tattoo boldly inscribed on your muscles. The message is always clear each time you look at it. image source

5. Back full rose tattoo design ink for girls

rose back tattoo designs

Myth has that Chloris, the goddess of flowers, was the one who created the Greek’s first rose then, Aphrodite, the goddess of love was the one who had beautified rose while Dionysus, the god of wine had added the alluring flagrance.  You now understand why women make use of the rose tattoo to create various #designs on their bodies. image source

6. Creative legs rose tattoo ideas for office women

rose tattoo design on leg

Stand out with a rose tattoo on your legs. You decide how you want the tattoo to look on your legs. image source

7. Full sleeve rose tattoo ink for women

rose tattoo on arm

The significance of rose can be interpreted according to what people think of the flower.  We have different rose colours  that interpret a lot of things to us. For friendship, we talk about the yellow rose; purity is the white or death while love is depicted by red rose. image source

8. Traditional rose tattoo arm  idea for girls

rose tattoo ideas

Rose tattoos have become popular among tattoo lovers. Tattoos made of rose are beautiful which, is the reason we see it often on women. image source

9. Shoulder rose tattoo design idea for women

rose tattoo on back

Take advantage of the rose tattoo that can be replicated in different forms. It can be designed as a small bud, bouquet of blossoms, with thorns, without thorns, as garlands, as ribbons and many other forms that you may want to recreate. image source

10. Cute cat and rose tattoo design ink for girls on the arms

arm tattoos rose

Get a little creative if you are a lover of animals and transform your pet into a rose tattoo. You will surely love the way that it will look on your skin. image source

11. Cool hand rose tattoo design idea

rose arm tattoo

The rose tattoos have perfected blended into the various activities of mankind. Little wonder that these tattoos designs have become a very popular one. This does not mean that the men are left out of the love for rose. image source

12. Ankle rose tattoo ink idea for girls

rose tattoo on ankle

image source