Semicolon Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Do you know the reason why people are gradually going for the semicolon tattoos around the globe? There is a movement! Yes, the movement of making a silent statement with this tattoo which is the more reason why most of us are going for it.  You will get emotional if you understand why these tattoos are been used today.

Some years ago, Project Semicolon was started to represent love and hope to those who have been fighting self injury, addiction, suicide and depression. Imagine how a tattoo like this makes people win their dark battles silently.  We know that everyone making use of semicolon apply it when they are ending sentences.

Semicolon tattoo meaning

The #semicolon tattoo may be small but the meaning is something that is huge. The tattoo attracts a lot of attention and it is used represent addiction, depression, self injury, suicide and also the will to move on with life. The semicolon talks about the meaning of life, to assure people that the end has not come.  Today, the semicolon has become that #tattoo symbol that those who are struggling to live use to remind themselves that they have something to live for. There are different sizes of this tattoo and you are the one to decide how you want your semicolon to look like. At the end of the day, the semicolon represents something bigger and more meaningful that you can appreciate.

Those who are elected can ink this tattoo to tell them what they are up to. The tattoo is classic and can only inspire people to follow your dreams.  You can really get the inspiration that you need when you ink these tattoos on your body. It takes about the sovereignty of the person who is inking it. It takes about self control and also talks about the openness of the person who is having the tattoo.

1. Traditional semicolon tattoo design for men on the forearm

semi colon tattoo

When you use semicolon tattoos, the message you are passing out is that you are supporting or fighting a struggle that comes from the inside. Today, the semicolon tattoo is used by every religion and non religious people who are ready to embrace the better part of their lives.

2. Signs and semicolon tattoo idea for girls on the ankle

semicolon tattoo

You can change a part of you when you go for semicolon tattoos. The #design is beautiful and you look different with it. The art is not going to take time or occupy a lot of spaces on your skin.

3. Heart semicolon tattoo ink for ladies on the neck

semicolon tattoo design

Have you lost a loved one and you are getting suicidal?  The use of this tattoo that is raising awareness around the world for those fighting mental health can be what you need to assure yourself that you can win.

4. Ankle semicolon tattoo design idea for girls

semicolon tattoo On ankle

Encourage yourself and draw this tattoo that will serve as a reminder of the battles you must have fought internally.

5. Semicolon tattoo ink for ladies on the neck

Semicolon Tattoos

With the semicolon tattoos, you are saying ‘I can move on with my life.’  If you have someone who is pushing mental health, don’t  hesitate to encourage the person to go for this tattoo.

6. Lovers semicolon tattoo design idea for girls

semicolon tattoo designs

The design of semi colon is very unique. For those who are not ready to make loud noise with their tattoo designs, they can easily make use of it.

7. Semicolon and stars tattoo design idea for guys

semicolon on wrist

Take advantage of the semicolon tattoo and become a winner.

8. Angels and semi colon tattoo ink on the fingers for ladies

semicolon on finger

 The beauty attached to using this tattoo can only be best described when you have it on your skin.

9. Couple semicolon tattoo ink idea for girls on the finger

semicolon on thumb

Honour those you have lost with the tattoo. Refused to be pushed around by your emotions  when you look at this tattoo.

10. Ankles semicolon tattoo idea for ladies

Semicolon Tattoo On Heel

The message, the beauty and the calmness that it brings to the tattoo user is mind blowing.

11. Ear semicolon tattoo design ink for girls

semi colon tattoos

 Step out today and embrace your inner-self with semicolon tattoos.

12. Simple semicolon tattoo idea for women on the neck

semi colon tattoo design