Best 24 Tribal Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

In a perfect world, tribal tattoos can only be a true representative of what we believe in. Even though, we do not live in a perfect world, the use of tribal tattoos has become what can tell you a story of what you truly believe. This is the story that a lot of us are now trying to tell.


Tribal tattoo meaning

Tribal tattoo represent strength or courage to overcome obstacles. The meaning of #tribal comes from culture or places or even local. It started in the ancient days when some people get their identification through tattoos. Tribal tattoo is used to talk about spiritual or religious belief. It is used as camouflage or even for protection. It is also used tell stories that no one can be able to tell except the tribe from which the tribal #tattoo came from. You do not have to move far to make your stance in life known to others. With this tattoo, it is easier for you to tell the world your story without making a sound.

The tribal tattoo has a lot of meanings and can signify wholeness. The circle on the tattoo talks about perfection and balance and also eternity, when you look at the distance all the way from the center down to the all the points.  A lot of religion is making use of it to say a lot of things to their faithful. The tattoo represents politeness, honor, kindness, loyalty, honesty and heartiness. The tattoo is also used to talk about braveness, power and resourcefulness.  It can be depicted in things that are rare and unique like the octopus, koi fish and octopus to stand for protection, help and courage.


1. Special Tribal Tattoos Designs tribal neck tattoos


2. Tribal tattoo idea for men chest

chest tribal tattoos


3. Tribal tattoo for men shoulder and arm

cool tribal tattoos

Men and women have started making use of tribal tattoos to look different. The #design of your tribal tattoo can only be fully expressed when you get it inked on your body.


4. Coolest shoulder tribal tattoo design

tribal tattoos for men

The issue with this coolest tribal tattoo is that it is damn cool for you not to love. When you are ready to advance to the next level of life where you are ready to explore with the body art, this tattoo is for you.


5. Cool shoulder tribal tattoo design for men

tribal shoulder tattoos


6. Cool shoulder tribal tattoo design idea for boys

shoulder tribal tattoos

Half of us are looking for ways of getting a tattoo that would make a difference when people see it and the tribal tattoo on the shoulder can be that solution.


7. Simple shoulder tribal tattoo for guys

tribal tattoos for guys


8. Upper back tribal tattoo idea for women

girly tribal tattoos

A decent tattooist can help you draw awesome tribal tattoo for the women. The design is something that you need to discuss with your tattooist to enable the person have an #idea of what you need.


9. Shoulder and chest tribal tattoo for men

tribal tattoo ideas

In the event that you see a tribal tattoo you like on somebody, ask who did it. Look tattoo magazines and on the web to get some answers concerning tattooists who can help you do the drawing.


10. Side tribal tattoo design idea for girls

tribal tattoos for girls

Alluring tribal tattoo can only help you get that desired effect you need in a tattoo. Once you’ve found a tattooist and found their studios, set aside some opportunity to visit them and view their studios and portfolios.  The alluring tribal tattoo design can then be drawn on you.


11. Tribal tattoo for men shoulder

tribal tattoo designs for men


12. Beautiful tribal tattoo on men hand

tribal art tattoos

13. Shoulder tribal tattoo for guys tribal tattoo designs for men


14. Special tribal full thigh tattoo design idea for girls

feminine tribal tattoos

As a matter of first importance, the ladies have started loving the tribal tattoo that can be drawn on the full thigh. Of course, you can tell that the tribal tattoo on the lady’s things can be sexy and the same time pass information that it needs to pass.


15. Tribal leg tattoo design for women

girl tribal tattoos


16. Tribal shoulder tattoo design for women

female tribal tattoos


17. Cool tribal back tattoo design for men

back tribal tattoos

Arrangement, scale, and stream, are foremost in significance when it comes to tribal tattoo. Great tribal tattoos can be arranged in such a way that anyone can understand what it is talking about and what you want to achieve with it.


18. Lovely tribal shoulder tatto design idea for boys

mens tribal tattoos

Keep in mind that there are numerous designs of tribal tattoos aside the ones we are showing you.  The tribal tattoos are drawn in various ways which is the reason you should get your own customized.


19. Cool tribal shoulder and back tattoo design idea for guys

tribal tattoo designs


20. Tribal shoulder tattoo design for ladies

tribal tattoos for women


21. Tribal back tattoo design for men

tribal tattoos


22. Cool tribal tattoo design idea for women shoulder

womens tribal tattoos


23. Shoulder tribal tattoo design idea for Guys

awesome tribal tattoos


24. Tribal tattoo design for men shoulder

tattoos tribal

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