Girl Tattoo – Best 24 Girl Tattoos Design Idea For Women

You cannot stop loving girls no matter how much you try to hate their weakness.  We all know that girls love taking care of their appearances and there is no end to this trait.  Sometimes, it takes a lot of time for them to look exceptional pretty after their make-ups.



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The tattoo size is what we look at before getting one. It is no news that the bigger this tattoo, the more expensive you would be charged.

2. Sexy Girls Tattoo

thigh girl tattoos

The reason is because big tattoo can take a lot of time and patience while the smaller ones are not that costly.

3. Thigh Girls Tattoo

awesome girl tattoos

The size of a tattoo may not determine the cost because there are small tattoos that are very expensive.


4. Hand Girls Tattoo

tattoo ideas for girls

You should understand that the complexity of a design is something that you should look at. There are a lot of websites where you can get your designs.

5. Full Girls Tattoo

cute tattoos for girls

The color is one vital aspect of tattoo that you should look at when you are going for this design.

6. Legs #Girl Tattoo

girl tattoos

The placement of your #tattoo is what influences the beauty and cost significantly. The place where you are going to ink your design is very important.

7. Chest Girl Tattoo

chest girl tattoos

There are areas where it may be difficult where your tattoo can be difficult to draw.  A sensitive part of the body is also a placement where tattoos can be costly and take a huge time.


8. Feminine Girl Tattoo

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The genitals, feet, neck and hand are some of the most sensitive parts of the body where your tattoo can be placed.

9. Shoulder Girls Tattoo

cool tattoos for girls

The tattoo #design can be simple or complex depending on what you are looking out for.  You can even customize your tattoo to look as lovely as this.

10. Amazing Girls tattoo

beautiful girl tattoos

You must not forget that the location of the parlor is vital. The cost of your tattoo would be greatly influenced by the location.

11. Cute Girls Tattoo

cute girl tattoos

The parlors located in rich streets and cities are going to be more expensive compared to the ones located at other parts. The artists know that those who are living in opulent places tend to pay more and they charge more

12. Awesome Girls Tattoo

best girl tattoos

When you are ready to get this tattoo, make sure  that you have done your research well. A lot of people are at the cross road because they were unable to get their dream tattoo due to the mistake of the artist that they hired.

People are now making use of professionals to get that tattoo that they want. This is the more reasons why you should always make use of experts for tattoo drawing.


13. Full Girls Tattoo

colourful girl tattoosTo celebrate bonds, the use of tattoos can be the best form of art.  We would advise that you do not go for generic tattoo. The reason for this is because the generic tattoo can be seen everywhere. image source

14. Knee  Girl Tattoo

beautiful tattoos girls

To look different as girls, you can go for something that not everyone goes for. There are different types of shapes and designs that you can make use of in looking unique with your tattoo. image source

15. Chest Girl Tattoo

girl tattoos on chest

We can tell you that symbolic tattoo has become a hit when it comes to girls tattoos. The ancient and oriental symbols can be seen coming back again.

16. Side Girl Tattoos

side tattoos for girls

If you must look different, you can go for tattoos that would make you look special. Matching tattoos have become a common thing that girls are making use of today to celebrate their bonds. image source

Beautiful Girl Tattoos For You

17. Arm Girl Tattoos

girl tattoos designs

When you are thinking of getting girls tattoos, make sure that you sit down and make the necessary research that will help you make that choice. image source

18. Thigh Girl Tattoos

cute girl tattoos

A lot of ladies who are interested in getting tattoos prefer getting feminine and sexy tattoos. image source

19. Full Legs Girl Tattoo

legs girl tattoos

Your tattoo comes in form of words inscription or words combined with designs or shapes. There are a lot of places where you can get lovely tattoos like this. image source

20. Shoulder Girl Tattoo

shoulder tattoos for girls

However, before you can think of getting a tattoo like this, ensure that you have done a great research first. image source

21. Colourful Sexy Girl Tattoo

girl tattoos on thigh

The part of the body where you are going get your girl tattoo matters a lot. This is because the place where the girl tattoo is inked can make a lot of impression.

If you are not willing to get your tattoo exposed to everyone, ensure that you ink where you can easily hide it. This is the reason you have to consider a lot of things before you get your tattoo.

It can be traumatic experience for you if you want to clean up your permanent tattoo. This is why you should think of the meaning of what you are trying to ink, the drawing and its meaning and the part of  the body where you need it  image source

22. Ankle Girl Tattoo

girl tattoos ideasimage source

23. Pretty Girl Tattoo

cool girl tattoosimage source

24. Flower Girl Tattoo

girl thigh tattoos