Best 24 Owl Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

If you are a lover of the night or appreciate what happens in the night and things related to darkness, maybe what you need as a tattoo is the owl tattoo design. The sentinels that own the night are the owls and have become a symbol of the magic of those things we are not sure of.

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Owl tattoo is for those who love the mystery of the dark or even shadow walkers. Owl tattoo is used to represent the night sentinels and the realm of those things that are not known.

Owl represents hope in frightening or murky moments. The powerful concept of the #owl in the night because of its amazing vision endears it to people.  It can mean a testimony that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The meaning of a tattoo can be power, magic, dream, clarity, guidance, intuition, wisdom, awareness and protection.

It also means Magic connection, strength and better dreams. The owl can be drawn in so many ways and they end up with great meanings that you will love.  The owl #tattoo can be a reminder of someone who dies and also that we should all live this life to its fullest.

The #designs of owls also have their meanings like the popular sugar owl tattoo that is often called the Mexican owl tattoo or the candy owl tattoo.  Take for instance the Mexicans love the Day of the Dead tattoo because of the role that it places. There are various ways that one can draw this on the body to make a difference. At the end of the day, it is the wearer, who can easily talk about what the tattoo means.

 1. Cute Blue Owl tattoo design idea for hand

awesome owl tattoosHave you seen someone with a tattoo of an owl? What comes to your mind when you see such a person? There are a lot of interpretations about the owl around the world.

2. Amazing Thigh Owl Tattoo ink idea

girly owl tattoos

However, you are the one who is going to give explanation to what your owl means to you if you ink it on the body.

3. Full back Owl tattoo design idea for girls

cool owl tattoos

To the Greeks, the owl is believed to while some people say that it linked to affluence. There is a believe that it talks about freedom while a lot of people see an owl as a sacred or symbol of the dark

4. Owl Leg Tattoo design idea for women

female owl tattoos

Gone are the days when people are scared of some objects like this. With tattoo becoming an art form, we are seeing more people embrace a tattoo like this.

5. Owl Arm tattoo design #idea for boys

owl tattoo images

The way people create different things around a tattoo like this makes it even more appealing. What do you think?

6. Colorful Owl and skull Tattoo ink idea for men

owl tattoos for guys

There was a time the men were the only ones who were imprinting tattoos on their bodies. The story has changed today as men and women can now make use of this tattoo without feeling out of place.

7. Small Blue Owl tattoo ink idea for the girl’s hand

owl tattoo meaning

You are the architect of your tattoo design. When you have gotten a tattoo that warms your imagination or have answered your question in representing a particular thought, it is your responsibility to get an artist.

8. Owl Tattoo ink idea for the girl’s foot

pictures of owl tattoos

With the number of good artists online, finding your artist may be a daunting experience which is the reason why we would advise you to research first before getting inked.

9. Cute and beautiful owl tattoo design idea with text message

small owl tattoos

This tattoo design may look exceptional here. However, if you don’t have an artist who would represent this perfectly on your body, it may be a disaster.

10. Colorful owl forearm tattoo ink Idea for girls

color owl tattoo

A lot of people have spent their time and money trying to get a perfect tattoo only to end up with a badly done tattoo work. The worse scenario always happens when people get bad permanent tattoo drawings.

11. Shoulder to half sleeve owl tattoo design for women

owl tattoos for women

The experience is something that shouldn’t be imagine at all.

12. Lovely Owl Tattoo ink idea for the girl’s wrist

cute owl tattoos

When you have a good tattoo artist, your work is half done and when the tattoo is drawn right and better, the work has been completed.

13. Full chest Owl tattoo ink design idea for boys

owl tattoo on chest

The owl tattoo can mean magic, clarity, power, wisdom, dreams, awareness, protection, intuition, and guidance. It means a lot of things to different people. image source

14. Owl chest tattoo design idea for men

chest owl tattoos for men

It may even mean something that happened during the dark moments of your life.  Sometimes, the owl becomes a stalwart awareness that we can achieve anything we put on mind to even things are not looking great for us. image source

15. Back Owl tattoo design idea for girls

owl tattoo ideas

There are myths that have associated the owl with wisdom and knowledge.  Even the Greek goddess of wisdom makes use of owl as  totems. image source

16. Amazing Back Owl tattoo ink idea for the girl’s back

girl owl tattoos on backThere is also the mystery of the owl been a holder of death. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a lovely owl tattoo on your body. image source

17. Shoulder to half sleeve Owl tattoo idea for men

owl tattoos on arm

The owl can even serve as representation of magic and spiritual connections.  The use of owl tattoos have become something that only few people who are looking for something different make use. image source

18. Chest Owl tattoo idea for women

owl tattoo on girl chestThere is no need getting worried with the misconception of  what the bird stands for.  You can make use of it as a means of protection or even show how learned that you are. image source

19. Shoulder Owl tattoo idea for women

owl designs tattoos

Owls are special creatures that are powerful in the dark which a lot of people make use of to tell their stories. image source

Beautiful Owl Tattoos Designs for You

20. Chest Owl tattoo ink idea for men

owl tattoo design ideas

You should not forget that owls are used as guardians of the unknown or scared things. You can add different symbols to it if you desire. You are the one who really knows what you want to get at the end of the day. image source

21. Cute and Amazing small three owls tattoo ink idea for the girl’s

owl tattoo designs on chestIf you have a good tattooist, you are at rest because he or she is going to give you that design that will blow your mind. image source

22. Colorful back Owl tattoo ink idea for women

colorful owl tattooThe owl can be placed on any part of your body.When it comes to making a statement that most tattoo users are not able to make, the owl tattoo can be what you need. image source

23. Lower back owl tattoo design idea for the ladies

owl tattoos on backOwl tattoos are rare to find and beautiful to look at. image source

24. Half sleeve owl tattoo ink idea for the ladies

owl tattoos designs

What is still keeping you from going for your owl tattoo? The fear and the sacredness that it conjures can be something that may spice your life image source