Best 24 Foot Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

We cannot stop loving these sets of foot tattoos that are making round the internet. For ladies who are fashion savvy, they can make use of this tattoo design to look different in public.


rose foot tattoos

Before you hire an expert to give you that drawing, do not make the mistake of assuming that the person is skilled until you confirm.  Sometimes, getting this tattoo can take you minutes or hours depending on the angle or the size of the tattoo.

Leg Foot Tattoo

ladies foot tattoos

Tattoo has a lot of things to tell us. It depends on the story that you want to tell with your tattoo.

Sexy Foot Tattoo

women foot tattoos

For those who are looking for this tattoo, do not worry because there is someone out there to help you with your drawing.

Cute Foot Tattoo

girly foot tattoos

Just do your homework and ensure that your artist is well vast in what he or she is doing. If your artist is good as he or she claims, then having this tattoo would not be a challenge. No matter how long it would take for you to get this lovely tattoo.

Simple Foot Tattoo

female foot tattoos

Getting a tattoo means a lot of things to people who are itching to get one. When you get one like this, you may want to get more as the years spread by. That is the addiction.

Great Foot Tattoo

foot tattoo art

The first thing that people do when they want to get tattoo is to ask questions. The question is what would help them understand what it means to have an exceptional tattoo.

Designer Foot Tattoo

colorful foot tattoos

Tattoo is an addiction that keeps spreading and spreading until there is hardly a part of your body where you would not see these tattoos on you. Tattoo can tell us a lot of stores we may not want to forget in a hurry

Beautiful Foot Tattoo

foot tattoo pic

When you are looking for a way of coming out with a phenomenon or new lifestyle, tattoo is one way of getting it done.  There are things you should understand if you are thinking of getting a good tattoo that would last for a long time.

Hibiscus Foot Tattoo

flower foot tattoos

Tattoo like this have become our every day accessory that most people cannot do without.  If you want to have a tattoo like this, the first thing that you got to do is get a good artist who will help you with the design.

Chic Foot Tattoo

best design foot tattoos

If you must go for a permanent tattoo, it is important that you meet the expert who will draw the tattoo on you. If you can get your creativity out to your expert, it will be easier for your tattoo to come out as beautiful as you want.


foot tattoo images

Top Foot Tattoos for Fashion Savvy Person

cool foot tattoos


foot tattoo ideas

Gone are the days when ladies just get tattoos for only religious purposes. Today, ladies are now making use of tattoos to pass information. image source

Flower Foot Tattoos

flower foot tattoos

Take a look at this tattoo. How does it look? You want to get #foot tattoo? Good news for you because it has become so popular that a lot of people are making use of it to tell stories.  image source

Superb Foot Tattoos

foot tattoos for women

If it is your first time of getting a tattoo, we will advise that you start small. The finesse and subtlety of the Foot tattoo has made them one of the most sought after. image source

Beauty Foot Tattoos

beautiful foot tattoos

It is not only the ladies who are demanding for this tattoo but also the men because of the beauty that it offers the wearer. image source

Sparkling Birds Foot tattoos

amazing foot tattoos

A lot of first time tattoo users often go for this tattoo because it is neither conspicuous nor huge. It will help you get the confidence that you desperately desires to get before you can go wild and bigger. image source

Stunning Foot Tattoos

colourful foot tattoos

The reason why people start small when they went tattoos as lovely as this is because they may want to add more things to it or even a change of mind to replace it. image source

Butterfly Foot Tattoo

cute foot tattoos

We will want you to understand a few things before you go for your tattoo.  All tattoos hurt when you are getting inked even the Foot tattoo. image source

Matching Foot Tattoos

foot tattoos designs

However, we know that some of the most painful of these tattoos are the ones we get on sensitive skin, inner thing, the chest and even the spine. Not forgetting that the skin that is closer to your bone can hurt badly when you are inking it. image source

Lovely Foot Tattoos

foot tattoos for females

When you are thinking of Foot tattoo, the pain is not much which is the reason a lot of people go for it. The reason is because they are always delicate and small. image source

Amazing Foot Tattoos

best foot tattoos

There is a solution to those who cannot handle the tattoo pain.  All they need to do is to request that  for a dry tattoo gun that doesn’t require an inking on the spot.  image source

girls foot tattoosimage source

foot tattoos for ladies

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