Best 24 Heart Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

We are aware that the heart always stands for love. Little wonder we see people make use of the heart tattoo to express emotions and feelings.

Heart Tattoo meaning

Heart tattoo means adoration, passion and love. There are other meanings of the #heart and these meanings come from the way that they are represented. The way that the heart is drawn means a lot of things to the wearer. The colors, shapes and the size of the tattoo is something that makes it amazingly awesome. You can use it to tell the story of love. The heart is also used by some religious practices because of the significance that it plays. With the number of hearts that are available and the symbolic act that it represents, anyone can use it. You can make use of a heart that is closer to your culture in making some bold statements on your body.

Heart tattoos are some of the finest tattoos that you can see around. It is rare and special. It is not everyone that you see these tattoos on. When you are looking for a #tattoo design to seek your liberation with, this tattoo is simply one to go for because of the beauty and the significance. Heart tattoo is not only popular but also lovely to behold when messages are added to it. Arrows are also added to it to tell a story.

1. Special Heart Tattoo idea on the back

beautiful heart tattoos

Friendship should be forever! Love cannot be killed by challenges- we mean true love. This is the reason why the #heart tattoo has become a very popular tattoo around the world. When you are looking for a tattoo like this, make sure that you get the best #design for yourself.

2. Cool Heart Tattoo on the thigh

cool heart tattoos

The heart is used to symbolize love. It has become famous among lovers, friends and family members. Even if you are a loner, the tattoo design is still perfect. You can make your tattoo design look prettier

3. Heart tattoo on the shoulder

heart tattoo image

Tattoo like this can be imprinted on any part of the body. When you have it on this part of your body, it doesn’t stop looking prettier. The first thing that you should do is to get a skilled artist who is going to help you with an amazing design.

4. Lovely heart tattoo idea on the back

best heart tattoos

The cost of getting this tattoo may not be as expensive as you think. There are a lot of online services where you can get a tattoo at an affordable rate.

5. Beautiful heart tattoo on couple‘s hands

lovers heart tattoo

All you have to do is to ask questions and when you do, you will be able get the best and affordable artist who can get you a good design.

6. Heart tattoo idea on the side

stunning heart tattoos

There is no segregation among sexes when it comes to tattoos like this. The way tattoos have become a fashion accessory is why we see men and women who are ready to get inked with a design like this.

7. Creative heart tattoo on the arm

nice heart tattoos

You cannot deny that this tattoo design is not lovely. When you have a tattoo as lovely as this, a lot of people would always look at it.

8. Full heart tattoo idea on the side

cute heart tattoos

To look chic is to get a great tattoo design. There is no telling on how far people will talk about how lovely your tattoo looks even when you are not around.

9. Heart tattoo #idea on the wrist

sweet heart tattoos

This is the reason a lot of people are now making use of artists to get amazing tattoos like this.

10. Cool heart design tattoo on the arm

colorful heart tattoos

At the end of the day you are the one to be appreciated by everyone.

11. Beautiful heart tattoo on couple’s wrist

pic heart tattoos

Have you seen this type of tattoo before? A lot of ladies make use of this feather tattoo because it is beautiful and also of its versatility.

12. Amazing heart tattoo on the hands

heart tattoo pic

13. Heart tattoo idea on the wrist

love heart tattoo

The use of heart tattoos has become one of the famous tattoo designs around the world. There are cute heart designs that are meant to last forever. image source

14. Super heart tattoo on the arms

heart tattoos

Sometimes, we find names embedded on these tattoos to go the extra miles in telling us that the tattoo is specially inked for someone. image source

15. Colourful heart tattoo on the arm

tattoo heart designs

We can make use of the heart to talk about relationships especially between lovers or partners. However, for those who are inscribing the names of people on it, we must warn you. It is not every relationship that will last forever. image source

16. Cool heart tattoo idea on the leg

heart tattoo designs

To be on a safer side, do not use names as it may pose as a challenge when you have broken up and you want to ease the person’s name from your body. image source

17. colorful heart tattoo on the forearm

heart tattoo on wristThe larger the tattoos, the harder it will be to hide while the smaller the tattoo, the easier you can hide them. image source

18. sexy heart tattoo on the thigh

heart tattoo on thigh

The message of your heart tattoo can be fully highlighted with different designs. The message is what you will give out when people see you two together. image source

19. Full back heart tattoo on ladies

love heart tattoos on back

The next thing that you should consider is the place where you will leave the tattoo on your bodies. You may want to keep it safe for your eyes alone or make it open. It all depends on what you want to achieve. image source

20. Female heart tattoo on the back

love heart tattoo designsThe message that is passed when using a heart tattoo cannot be overemphasized which is the reason why a lot of people are making use of it. image source

21. Female heart tattoo on the stomach

heart tattoo on sideWe have the sacred heart, locked heart, broken heart and also hearts that have some names on it. image source

22. Male full heart tattoo idea on the chest

heart tattoo on chest

If you want to make use of the heart design as a tattoo, you can be talking about religion. The common type is the one that has flames on its top and thorns surrounded by it. Those who make use of it are deeply religious sometimes. image source

23. Female heart tattoo on the back

heart tattoos on backThe locked hearts are for those who want to make the relationships last long. It is safer than the ones with names on them because there is no fear of trying to erase the names on them if things go wrong. image source

24. Male full heart tattoo idea on the chest

heart design tattoos

The broken heart is for those who have suffered from heartbreak while the heart designs with names on them is just one way of showing that love is forever. image source