Best 24 Compass Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Compass tattoo is a very popular tattoo that has been in existence for years now. The maritime sign has been used by sailors for years because they believe that it was going help them survive the turbulent waters and ensure that they were going to get home safely.

Compass Tattoo Meaning

One of the reasons people go #compass tattoo is because of what it represents. Compass tattoo has different meanings but to those who are on the waters, it is really valuable.  It means a token of good luck, protection and support. The tattoo comes in a variety of variations and styles. There are types of these tattoos that have a lot of explanations to the wearer.  Following one’s dream is one of the meanings of thee tattoo. You do not have to move far to make your stance in life known to others. With this tattoo, it is easier for you to tell the world your story without making a sound.

The drawing on any part of the body of the #tattoo boldly tells you why you have inked the tattoo in the first instance. It stands for guidance and direction, also token of good luck. This is the reason why a lot of images of compasses can be seen painted on the ships. The popularity of the tattoo is something that you would appreciate when you see any of it. These days, it is no longer the men who are making use of it but also the ladies who want to look fashionable.


compass tattoo on footProtection is one of  the reasons why people are making use of it and for sailors , they see it as a it a symbol of good luck. image source

compass tattoo on back

We often see the signs of compasses that are embedded on some ships too as a sign of good luck.  The stories of people getting missing during rough waves have also helped the compass tattoo to be fully appreciated by people using them. image source

women compass tattoo

It is believed that with such a sign on the body, there is hope of seeing such people alive. image source

compass tattoo on hand

There are different variations and styles that come with these tattoos. There are compasses like the prismatic compass, Vegvisir compass, lodestone compass, astro compass and star compass to name a few of these compasses image source

compass tattoo on fingerWhat this means is that you may not be a sailor to make use of the tattoo. The most popular of these compasses is the star compass that is used to point to the North Star. image source

compass tattoo ideas

The North Star has been used before technology and maps came up to help people get their directions. image source

tattoo compass

The star tattoo represents direction , guidance and a means of getting home safe. image source

compass tattoos on wrist

Time and compass has always been associated together.  One simple way of doing this is to include hourglass or a clock in the #design of the compass. image source

Compass Tattoo on ThighThe earth and maps also play a great role just like the compasses that always help people to find their right direction. image source

compass tattoo

Compass tattoos are also used to represent following people’s dreams. With a compass tattoo, you are assured that your dreams in life will not be derailed. image source

Ideas on Beautiful Compass Tattoo

compass tattoo on sideThe compass will help you get focused on your life desires. It is not compulsory that you will leave your compass without playing around with it. image source

compass tattoo designs

You can add different symbols to it if you desire. You are the one who really knows what you want to get at the end of the day.

If you have a good tattooist, you are at rest because he or she is going to give you that design that will blow your mind. The compass can be placed on any part of your body.  image source

compass tattoo meaning

Thanks to the magnificent diversity of the creativity of tattooists around the world.  You cannot see a compass tattoo and not have a second look at it.  image source


compass clock tattoo

There is no type of route that the compass cannot help us navigate. This is the reason why people are now making use of compass tattoos like this. image source

compass tattoos for women

The inking of compass tattoo can be inked on any part of the body. Sometimes, we see compass tattoos look extraordinary. image source


rose compass tattoos

The compass tattoo can be said to be the North Star symbol and that has become the signature of a lot of compasses.  image source


best compass tattoos

Everyone can make use of this tattoo because it shows or symbolizes focus or direction. For those who are thinking of projects to embark upon or those who have conquered a particular situation, they can make use of this tattoo to remind them of the future or the past. image source

compass tattoo pictures

What can you say of this tattoo? The design is lovely especially with the moth design on it. image source

compass tattoo girl

The thigh can look sexy for ladies if they can have this tattoo on it. There are different designs that you can make use of when drawing a compass tattoo on your thing. image source


compass flower tattoos

There is nothing as stunning as the type of compass that can display a powerful message for you as a lady. A compass can go the whole way in ensuring that your thigh speaks loud message. image source


cool compass tattoos

Ladies will love this simple yet, alluring compass tattoo. A lot of things are seen on the compass to help the wearer keep to promises and believe in a lot of things. image source


compass tattoo images

The back can be used in displaying massive compass tattoos on the back. The back is one great place where the tattoo can be drawn huge and intimidating because of its lovely designs. image source


compass designs tattoos

It is not only the ladies who are fans of compass tattoo. Of course, we are aware that the males are the ones who can catch the vibe when it comes to tattoos like this. image source


beautiful compass tattoosimage source