Best 24 Tiger Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

You don’t always see people who use tiger tattoo design because of the huge significance they make when they are seen.  Those in Asia fully understand what it means to the design of a tiger on their bodies.

Tiger Tattoo meaning

Tiger tattoo is one of the most popular especially among the Asians.  The meaning of the #tiger is what makes it outstanding.  The tattoo of a tiger is what signifies the way that man live without any restriction.  They represent sensual, ferociousness, strength and power. They can be said to be solar totems because it is believed that they are ruled by celestial powers.

People who go for the tiger #tattoo are not ruled by passion because they believe in instincts. Lovers ink this tattoo to show how powerful they can be.  The tiger is believed to be the protectors of those who have died. This is the reason they are often seen on tombs or gravesides.

Tiger tattoo can be seen in different parts of the world and they represent a lot of things too. The variation of these tattoos is what makes them extraordinary. They represent Brute Strength, Power, Dominance, Royalty and Nobility, Danger and Destruction, Energy, Protection and Guardianship, Passion and Sexual Prowess. This is the reason why a lot of people are making use of it. The beauty that is attached to the tattoo of the tiger is what makes it the favorite of the men and women.


lovely tiger tattoos

Most of us often associated Tiger tattoo with the people of Asia. This is because Tiger is popular among the Asian. The Asian Tiger has become known as a mythical creature that is seen as tattoo these days.

Hand Tiger Tattoo

beautiful tiger tattoos

The tattoo fits perfectly on different parts of the body. Even the full back cannot be ignored when it comes to having some of the finest drawings.

Sexy Tiger Tattoo

girls tiger tattoos

Tigers can be depicted as either wing or wingless. There are a lot of things that can be associated with the tiger like the heavens, clouds or the sea. When you are in the West, some people may think of it as dangerous creatures.

Colorful Tiger Tattoo

colorful tiger tattoos

However, Tigers are known to symbolize good fortune, wealth, power, kindness, freedom and power.

Powerful Tiger Tattoo

awesome tiger tattoos

Today, you can make use of the tattoo and stand out in public. There are a lot of reasons why  people go for this special tattoo. You must not necessary come from Asian or China before you can ink this lovely tattoo.

Lovely Tiger Tattoo

female tiger tattoos

What you need is a good artist who can help you draw some of the finest Tigers on any part of your body.

Head Tiger Tattoo

cute tiger tattoos

The modern day tattoo artists are taking the Tiger tattoo to another level. It doesn’t matter the type of #design you want, they are ready to give you that incredible tattoo you cannot resist.

Shoulder Tiger Tattoo

cool tiger tattoos

Tigers are lovely creatures that endear our heart when we see them. We may not have the opportunity of seeing these Tigers perch on our body but we have the privilege of having them inked on us.

Cute Tiger Tattoo

guys tiger tattoos

The Tiger tattoo has become a popular Tiger tattoo that anyone can make use of. Each Tiger has its significance which is the reason we should be careful of the type of Tiger tattoo that we are going to make use of.

Female Tiger Tattoo

tiger face tattoos

It is important that you understand that Tiger tattoo design has become essential. You should take our time in searching through the online catalogue of Tigers before you pick your choice. The first time that you have to do is get a tattooist who will tell you what is in vogue.

Male Tiger Tattoo

tiger tattoos for men

Thigh Tiger Tattoo

tiger tattoos pic


tiger tatoos on back

The tribal tiger tattoo design is one powerful symbol that is respected all over Asia and considered to be linked with sensuality, passion, ferocity, power, wrath and cruelty. image source

tiger tattoos

In Korea, people believe that tigers are the eyes through which they see and in India,  the tiger is see depicting the supreme God, Shiva or  even the Destroyer who  is  seen making use of tiger skin as its clothes or riding on it. image source

tiger tattoo images

This shows supremacy all over the world. However, there are times that tigers are associated with death, evil and life. image source

tiger tattoos idea

You can never stop loving the design and the part of the body that it has been used on.You can ink it on any part of your body accompanied with any colour of your choice.  For the ladies it can be used to talk about their sexuality. image source

tiger face tattoo

There is hardly any part of the body where the tiger doesn’t look good. Take a look at this design on the body. It looks as cute which is the reason why a lot of ladies or even the males can make use of it. image source

tiger designs tattoo

There is no part of the body where the tiger tattoo design doesn’t look so good.   It is perfect on the arm, leg, back or any part that you choose like this design. image source

best tiger tattoos

Tattoos like this are so pretty to behold which is the reason why you can make use of it on any part of your body. This is the reason why you can go for it. image source

tiger tatoo on neck

The color can be altered according to the way you want it. There is hardly anything  that you may not be able to create around or in your tattoo design. image source

tiger tattos on side

Do you like this design? What does it tell you when you look at it the first time?  image source

tiger tattooss on thigh

It is not hard to make this tattoo more interesting when it comes to rendering amazing and alluring designs with this tattoo. There is no end to what you can do with your tattoo design  image source

tiger tattoo on arm

Whichever part of the body that you choose to make use of; it will always compliment you.  image source

tiger tottos designs

image source

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