Lip Tattoo – Best 24 Lip Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Have you seen a lip tattoo before? Well, if you have not seen one, maybe, it is time for you to see a lot of these cute lip tattoos. This tattoo is only for the brave hearts who are trying to tell a story in such a way that no one has ever said it through tattoos.

Lips Tattoo Meaning

Lips are often used by ladies to talk about intimate and erogenous activity. It can be painted in different colors, passion or pattern. The red lips can be used to talk about kissing and sex appeal when it is inked in areas that are intimate like abdomen, hips, neck , etc. This can be painted in many areas of the body that will leave kiss impression.  The red lips that come with tongue can be used to be associated with occultism.  The red lips can be used to talk about erotic and sensual themes. Also talk about taboo themes that you can associate with it.

When the mouth is opened, it can be used to talk about counterculture. The lips are used to represent relationship.  The lips can be used to portray people in a romantic symbol.   If you are ready to showcase your romance or talk it to the next level, the lips can be used to tell your story.


awesome lip tattoos

The placement of your #lip tattoo is what influences the beauty and cost significantly. The place where you are going to ink your design is very important. There are areas where it may be difficult where your lip tattoo can be difficult to draw.

cool lip tattoos

Awesome lips tattoo

tattoo of lips ideas

A sensitive part of the body is also a placement where lip tattoos can be costly and take a huge time.

Dude lips tattoo

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The genitals, feet, neck and hand are some of the most sensitive parts of the body where your tattoo can be placed.

Smile lip tattoo

amazing lip tattoos

The lip #tattoo design can be simple or complex depending on what you are looking out for.  You can even customize your lip tattoo to look as lovely as this.

Cute lip tattoo

lip tattoos

You must not forget that the location of the parlor is vital. The cost of your lip tattoo would be greatly influenced by the location.

Girly lips tattoo

lip tattoos ideas

The parlors located in rich streets and cities are going to be more expensive compared to the ones located at other parts. The artists know that those who are living in opulent places tend to pay more and they charge more.

Smile lips tattoo

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When you are ready to get this lip tattoo, make sure  that you have done your research well. A lot of people are at the cross road because they were unable to get their dream lip tattoo due to the mistake of the artist that they hired.

Word lip tattoo

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People are now making use of professionals to get that lip tattoo that they want.

Skull lips tattoo

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There is no lie in saying that lip tattoo has become a vital identity of men and women around the world.

Devil lip tattoo

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We are seeing more people with lip tattoos than the previous decades because of the creativity that comes with lip tattoo.


lip tattoos

Tastes and personal preferences have become the two factors that influence the type of lip tattoo you can choose. The cost is something that people first consider before they go for inking. If you are not able to afford this lip tattoo, it may not be a good choice to get it.  You can write anything you feel like on the lips



cool inner lip tattoos

Lip tattoo has become one of the fashion accessories that we see on the bodies of men and women. Gone are the days when having a lip tattoo is considered a taboo. All over the world, people have come to embrace the beauty and the message that lip tattoos can be used to pass. image source

Life Lip Tattoos

life lip tattoos

Take for instance, how do feel having a lovely lip tattoo like this? This is one lip tattoo that has become a trend over the years. Most of us have come to appreciate amazing art works that we have inked on different parts of our bodies to remind us of the present, past and even the future. image source

Love Lip Tattoos

love lip tattoos

The art of tattoo has become one of the oldest art form that has been thought out by humans. The art has become a form of expression or rebellion act depending on what it is used for.  There are also people who make use of tattoo as a form of ornamentation. image source

Danger Lip Tattoos

inner lip tattoos

There was a time when tattoos were considered as a magical symbol and has been used to talk about fertility, sacredness, beliefs and lots more. However, gone are the days when tattoo were generalized because we are see a lot of deeper meanings from tattoos. image source

Special Lip Tattoo

lip tattoos ideas

A tattoo #design like this cannot be overlooked.  The beauty and the impression it makes on the wearer speaks loud. image source

Lovers Lip Tattoo

lip tattoos love designs

A time comes when you are ready to move out of your closet with a tattoo. A tattoo has a lot of things to help you with because of the meaning that they portray to us. All you need to do is to pick a beautiful one like this. image source

Top Ladies Lip Tattoos

Strength Lip Tattoo

crazy inner lip tattoo

These days lip tattoos have become common that we see it in nearly one in four persons.  Lip tattoos are art works that have been used to represent a lot of things and talk about people. image source

Powerful Lip Tattoo

inner lip tattoo ideas

A lot of people have ended up regretting having lip tattoos because they didn’t play for it. image source

Matching Lip Tattoo

inner lip tattoo design

The beauty of a lip tattoo can only be appreciated when it is painstakingly ink on you. The part of the body where you need the lip tattoo matters a lot. image source

Daring Lip Tattoo

inner lip tattoo ideas for guys

This is because you are either going to hide or expose it for the world to see. image source

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