Henna Tattoos Design Idea For Women

When you see women decorated with henna tattoo designs, you are forced to appreciate them. If you are not ready for pain as a lady and you desperately want a tattoo, go for henna tattoo.  The art of getting this tattoo is a perfect way of exploring creativity on the skin.

Women who make use of the tattoo practice an ancient  form of art called the Mehandi. Over 5,000 years, the women in India started this creative form of tattoo design that has stood the taste of time. Once in a while we find celebrities go for henna tattoo.


Henna tattoo meaning

Henna tattoo means something significant to the wearers. It is an ancient adornment on the body that has a lot of meanings.  It is used to represent happiness, luck and can also symbolize battle, births, blessings and marriages. The #henna tattoo is used to talk about intuitive and freehand. Making use of the henna is something that will give you that spiritual connection and has these awed feelings that are applied to it.

Each part of the body that the henna is placed has its significance and special meanings.  It can be placed on the wear’s palms to talk about blessings and when it is placed on the hand, it talks about protection and also the shield is also added to it.

Henna #tattoo is one tattoo that people use to look exceptional because of the significance to the wearer. There are items that can be added to them to make them tell a special meaning or story. The henna is power in its design and meaning. You can step out of the crowd when you use the henna tattoo to make that bold statement that you have always wanted to tell the world and you were not able to do that.


1. Most Beautiful Henna Tattoo

henna tattoo back

Over the years, the traditional designs of henna have been modified to the extent that artists are now adorning the different parts of their bodies.

2. Henna Mehndi tattoo design near the ears

henna tattoo on neck

There are many ways you can make your neck look prettier without going for a complex design. The use of a lovely henna tattoo design can be what makes that neck a hot spot on your body.

3. Lower back Henna Mehndi tattoo ink design idea for the ladies

henna tattoo designs


Henna tattoo can come in various designs and shapes. It all depends on what you are thinking of creating with the design.


4. Temporary Mehandi design idea on neck

henna tattoo neck

Try something different when you go for this tattoo.  With the numerous designs that are available for you to choose, the beauty of henna tattoo only gets better.

5. Temporary Henna tattoo design idea on neck

henna tattoo

Henna tattoo come in circular designs. It all depends on how you want to transform your body with this type of tattoo.

6. Henna tattoo design #idea for girl’s shoulder

henna design tattoos

In the beginning, henna tattoo was only used on the legs and hands but that era has passed as you can now design your own pattern right on any part of your body.

7. Dragon Henna tattoo design idea on belly

henna tattoo on stomach

If you are not afraid of anything, you can create that devil you have conquered with a design that will make the difference. Henna tattoo is making fashion statements on the bodies of women who love creativity.

8. Amazing Mehndi tattoo design idea for ladies thigh

henna thigh tattoos

Get a little sexy when you pull the thighs with stunning pictures that will tell your story.

9. Flower henna tattoo design idea for ladies thigh

henna tattoo on thigh

When you want to create an impression henna, your artist perfectly understands what to create for you. This is what makes the tattoo to be a popular one among ladies who are looking for adventures and fun.

10. Heart and Peacock Mehandi tattoo design idea for the girl’s back

henna back tattoo

Henna tattoo has always been in vogue and evolving to replace the traditional method of drawing them. You can look neat and prettier when you go for a design that is abstract.

11. Hand shape Henna tattoo design idea for the girl’s back

henna back tattoo designs

Are you tired of drawing on the hands or legs? Try and draw on the other parts of your body that will mimic the beauty you have always desired.

12. Rising sun Mehandi tattoo design idea

tattoo henna

The tattoo is commonly seen during ceremonies and religious events around the world but today, it has become an art that is appreciated every time of the year.