Henna Mehndi tattoo designs idea for bridal

Henna tattoo meaning

Henna tattoo means something significant to the wearers. It is an ancient adornment on the body that has a lot of meanings. It is used to represent happiness, luck and can also symbolize battle, births, blessings and marriages. The #henna tattoo is used to talk about intuitive and freehand. Making use of the henna is something that will give you that spiritual connection and has these awed feelings that are applied to it.

Each part of the body that the henna is placed has its significance and special meanings. It can be placed on the wear’s palms to talk about blessings and when it is placed on the hand, it talks about protection and also the shield is also added to it.

Henna tattoo is one #tattoo that people use to look exceptional because of the significance to the wearer. There are items that can be added to them to make them tell a special meaning or story. The henna is power in its #design and meaning. You can step out of the crowd when you use the henna tattoo to make that bold statement that you have always wanted to tell the world and you were not able to do that.


1. The Raja Rani Pattern

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis pattern is very commonly used as #bridal mehendi is many weddings. The design exhibits a sculpture of a raja and rani represents the monarchy of the Mughal period. Different artworks are made around to focus the faces of the king and the queen

2. The Valentine

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaUnlike traditional mehendi concepts this one is a bit different. It generally includes two valentine couple on two different palms like Romeo Juliet.

3. The Rajasthani Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaAn absolute perfect mehendi if you are attending a royal wedding. The design can also be a perfect bridal one if it is a royal wedding theme.

4. The Bride Groom motif

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis design is very much preferable among the Punjabis. They commonly opt for this design for their brides. The design symbolizes affection and the lifetime union of two souls.

5. Peacock Design

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe most preferable design that goes for every occasion is the peacock motif. This design has always become a trend since ages. It the perfect design that signifies feminism.

6. Floral Bracket Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs idea

The above design is a combo of floral bracket pattern. The dark color along with the intricate design makes the design absolutely gorgeous. It can also be used for bridal mehendi.

7. The Bridal Mehendi

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaQuiet a lengthy design for the would-be-brides but still stunning. Besides, a very popular designs amongst the brides to be. A highly professional design opted for the celebrities. Download this if your wedding is near.

8. Gujarati Mehendi

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis simple less messy design is perfect for a gujarati bride to be. The henna features an #ideal combination of peacock on the legs and dandiya dance on both the hands. A perfect exhibition of culture and tradition.

9. Royal Motifs

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe design showcase a combination of creative designs which gives an imperial look to the mehendi. Elephants on the top adds a touch up to the imperialty.

10. Divine Form

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe drawing on the centre of the palm represents Radha-Krishna, the utmost form of divinity which is followed by a female figure signifying feminism and peacock at the end.

11. Traditional Designs

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaOne of the oldest traditional design which has been in fashion for ages. It consists of paisley prints, brackets, florals and curves.

12. Divinely Love Motifs

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaA perfect #mehendi to represent love for the loved ones by writing the name and the purity of the love by the artwork Ganesh on the middle of the palm.

13. Pailsey Peacock Motifs

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaA perfect design for the indo-western wedding or the exotic Indian wedding held at the beaches. It is an absolute blend of modernism with touch of paisley prints and the use of peacocks gives it the traditional appearance.

14. Wedding Mehendi

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaCluttered design of the mehendi is ideal for the authentic traditional Indian wedding.

15. The Bride-groom Peacock motifs

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe bride groom design along with the peacock art makes it great for an absolute traditional Indian style wedding.

16. Floral Paisley Prints

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaA flawless merge of the indo-western artwork!! The florals all over the hands and the curves on the palm makes it perfect for the indo-western wedding.

17. Peacock Curve Motifs

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe henna design mainly highlights the two peacocks on either hands which is surrounded by curves with a paisley touch.

18. The Curvy Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe design mainly showcases curves of different types with a bit clustery on the palm and on the hand rather than the fingers.

19. The Peacock Passion

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaFrom the palm to the rest portion the peacock sculpture craft is primarily highlighted with a tinge of intricate patterns.

20. The Bracket Obsession

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe bracket artworks are the quiet favorite of all mehendi lovers. The design throughout is mainly focused on bracket pattern works.

21. Mixed Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaPerfect traditional mehendi!! The henna is a mixture of all strokes ranging from mango design, bride and groom to peacocks and with filings on the top of every finger.

22. The Elephant Pattern

Bridal Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaIt is the most favorite mehendi designs of almost every bride. The design is a blend of swirl and curve patterns which is beautifully crafted on the hand and the feet.

23. The Symmetrical Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe vine designs and the floral art work are an ideal work of modified latest mehendi.

24. The Paisley Pattern

Bridal Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe pailey prints are the traditional classics. The artwork can be done in various forms like the mango motifs and other swirly and curvy designs.

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