Henna Mehndi tattoo designs idea for back

Henna tattoo meaning

Henna tattoo means something significant to the wearers. It is an ancient adornment on the body that has a lot of meanings. It is used to represent happiness, luck and can also symbolize battle, births, blessings and marriages. The #henna tattoo is used to talk about intuitive and freehand. Making use of the henna is something that will give you that spiritual connection and has these awed feelings that are applied to it.

Each part of the body that the henna is placed has its significance and special meanings. It can be placed on the wear’s palms to talk about blessings and when it is placed on the hand, it talks about protection and also the shield is also added to it.

Henna tattoo is one #tattoo that people use to look exceptional because of the significance to the wearer. There are items that can be added to them to make them tell a special meaning or story. The henna is power in its #design and meaning. You can step out of the crowd when you use the henna tattoo to make that bold statement that you have always wanted to tell the world and you were not able to do that.


1. Glittering colored tattoo design

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe beautiful design represents a craft of exotic colored patterns followed by the usage of glitters to make it look much seductive. Flaunt your sexy #back with this tattoo.


2. Floral pattern for back neck

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaLatest #mehendi designs have undergone lot of modifications. You can use this artwork of floral on the back neck to keep it simple yet elegant.

3. Patterns for backless attire

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe flower craft followed by curve style patterns below is appropriate for a backless lehenga or saree blouse. The design can be implemented for off-shoulder dresses also.

4. Flower Designs for back neck

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis design right behind the back neck is always a fashion trend. It’s a perfect for noodle strap dresses. The floral pattern with paisley touch gives it’s a perfect ethnic-western look.

5. Paan Divine Patterns

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaKeep it simple with this paan bordered holy designed mehendi slight below the back neck. The simple look of the design represents a feminism personality.

6. Petal Stokes

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaFlower mehendi designs are never out of fashion. The petal strokes on the back make it graceful and represents a western look in the form of mehendi.

7. Star-like motifs

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe pattern shows bizarre design which seems a bit outlandish. Inspite of its bizarre presentation it is beautiful because unlike traditional and common ones it quite ideal.

8. Leafy Patches

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis design is perfect for the Indian wedding to be held abroad. The leafy strokes all along the back neck are seductive and eye catching.

9. The Paisley

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe paisley prints over the back neck are followed by the design on the spine portion. The lighter shades compliments the floral paisley making it quite sexy.

10. Swirly Floral pattern

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe swirling flower pattern design on the centre of the back is simple and absolute flawless. The petals on the centre is quiet complimentary with the design.

11. The symmetrical floral

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaFloral are the most preferable back mehendi designs. The clutter free symmetrical floral design across the shoulder and the back neck is smart and graceful.

12. Exotic Patterns

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe word ‘exotic’ perfectly complements the beach presentation. Thus, this floral design on the back bikini areas can be sexy and exotic, like the tattoos.

13. Traditional designs with a floral touch

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaTraditional mehendi designs are always into fashion be it’s a wedding or other occasions. This traditional henna pattern with tinge of floral brings out the perfect ethnic look.

14. The Peacock Obsession

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe peacock symbolizes good luck and kindness. Moreover, it symbolizes the goddess of wealth and prosperity and royalty too.

15. The Horizontal Petal Motifs

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe artwork petals in whatever way they are drawn always signifies elegance and simplicity.

16. The Necklace Designs

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaA gorgeous necklace design that perfectly complements wedding or sangeet of the friends!! The design is also ideal for backless wedding attires.

17. The peacock floral motif

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThis design is mainly for the bride to be. Hence, this wedding season be a fashion icon yourself with this motif. Contact the designer now.

18. The combo shoulder artwork

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe combo artwork across the shoulder with paan and flower pattern represents royal presentation.

19. Simplicity at its best

Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs on backThere is nothing much to say about the design. The title describes it all.

20. A perfect flower-patterned design

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe flowery designs along with the leaf work is the representation of simplicity and felinity.

21. The curve passion

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe curves around the centre and side of the back represent eroticism and sensuality. The prominent flower work at the centre highlights traditionalism.

22. The Leaf and flower pattern

Back Henna / Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe leaf indicates revival and a fresh start of any journey, whereas the flower design signifies joy and happiness.

23. The Floral elegance

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe floral elegance is the perfect indication of sophistication and classiness.

24. The Butterfly motifs

Back Mehndi tattoo designs ideaThe butterfly nmehendi design is a representation of feminism, felicity and womanhood.

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