Best 24 Dragon Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Mankind is always fascinated with the way dragons came to earth and the myth behind them. These mythological creations have become popular over the years that people are now making use of them as tattoos.

Dragon Tattoo Meanings

What is the meaning of this tattoo? A lot of people have different meaning for the #dragon tattoo. However, the iconic tattoo design can mean good news, luck, protection and prosperity. There are still other meanings like magic, intellect, warrior, greed, power, fertility, duality, wisdom, strength, ferocity, spirituality, happiness and many other meanings.

There are only a few tattoos that make you want to stop and demand for their meanings. One of such tattoos is the dragon #tattoo that comes in variations and styles .The dragon meaning comes in various shapes while inking it on the body. Some people also add colors to their dragon tattoo to make it look exceptional and customized to their taste.  This tattoo can be placed on any part of the body and it will still tell the story that it is meant to do. The significance and meaning of the tattoo is what attracts a lot of people who love great tattoos to it.

It is also symbol of strength and wisdom. Some people take it as greedy and a bad omen. Dragon is considered by the Chinese as wisdom, good luck, and goodwill. For those from Japan, they think that dragon is balance. The Celtic dragon that is often drawn with crowns and thrones represents power and strength.

japanese dragon tattoo

We have seen them drawn inside caves as archeologists exposed  many of their drawings for us to see.

tattoo designs dragonImagine you winning a  dragon tattoo, will you accept the inking?  You need to do some researches before you can make use of a dragon tattoo.

dragon tattoosThe meaning of a dragon #design will be something that you really need to understand before you can use one.

dragon tattoo on neckYou can customize your dragon design according to the way that you want them to be. The colours, numbers and even the shapes are something that you need to understand before using these lovely tattoos.

black dragon tattooThe beauty of dragon tattoos is the uniqueness that has been attached to them. Around the world, we have different meanings of dragons which is why you should research your own dragon and location before you can ink it on your skin.

dragon tattoos for girlDragons are considered very powerful beasts that can be commanding.

dragon tattoos on side

However, if you are in China or even Japan, these creatures are known to be powerful and friendly. It can represent emperors and considered fortune and good luck.

dragon tattoos on armThe tattoos are used to depict cheerful and happy mood in China and Japan. If you are from the West, dragons are known to exhibit negative energy, atrocious and fuming beasts.

dragon tattoos on chest and armMost people go for dragons because they want to show they are very powerful.

dragon tattoo designsThere are different ways of drawing these dragon tattoos like making them breath fire , stand intimidating and huge or even friendly. It all depends on what you want to show.

girl with the dragon tattoo

The part of the body that you need to use should be fully considered because that is going to determine how small or huge your tattoo is going to be.  You can even turn these creatures to be sexy when you draw them on the entire back.   You can even improve your image by getting a huge dragon tattoo on your body.

best dragon tattoo

For the ladies or those who may want something cool, their dragon can be medium size. If you are thinking of having a small dragon, you may have to go for a part of the dragon. This is something you can do on your thumbs, ankle or even side of arm.

3d dragon tattoos

dragon tattoos for women

Even the full back cannot be ignored when it comes to having some of the finest drawings.  image source

pictures of dragon tattoos

Dragons can be depicted as either wing or wingless. There are a lot of things that can be associated with the dragon like the heavens, clouds or the sea.  image source


cool dragon tattoos

When you are in the West, some people may think of it as dangerous creatures. However, dragons are known to symbolize good fortune, wealth, power, kindness, freedom and power.

tattoos of dragons

Those who associate good luck with dragons see it as a water symbol that lives in the cloud, rivers, lakes or seen climbing down when there is thunderstorm. It is strongly believed that water plays a great role in China and Japan because of the cultivation of rice.  image source

dragon tattoo ideas

Today, you can make use of the tattoo and stand out in public. There are a lot of reasons why  people go for this special tattoo. You must not necessary come from Japan or China before you can ink this lovely tattoo. image source


blue dragon tattoos

What you need is a good artist who can help you draw some of the finest dragons on any part of your body.  The modern day tattoo artists are taking the dragon tattoo to another level. It doesn’t matter the type of design you want, they are ready to give you that incredible tattoo you cannot resist.  image source


red dragon tattoo

The full dragon design can be inked on the back of the body. There is hardly any part of the world where this design has not been seen. image source


tattoos dragon

Indeed, you would love this dragon on the hand. The men and women can also make use of it in standing out in the public. What do you say of it?  image source


dragon tattoos meaning

When you want to make a difference with a dragon tattoo, this design may be what you really need. image source


girl with dragon tattoo

The way that this dragon tattoo is drawn makes it one of the favourites for the ladies. It is lovely and very sexy in look. image source


girl dragon tattooimage source