Best 24 Diamond Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Diamonds are precious stones that every one of us always wants to get our hands on. Little wonder that diamond tattoos have become trendy in recent years. We have seen various shapes of diamond on the bodies of men and women.

Diamond tattoo meaning

Diamond tattoos are well recognized tattoos that have been associated with beauty and wealth. These tattoos are seen in many areas of the body and also used as adornments. The tattoo of #diamond can be used to talk about invincible. This is the right depiction that the #tattoo gives because it cannot be destroyed.

The tattoo is one of the precious stones that are most sought after. This is the reason why people see it as a sign of courage and beauty. If you have an idea that is priceless that you want to show to the world through a tattoo, you can make use of the diamond tattoo.  The tattoo can be used to represent protection from the evil forces and also helps people to overcome their fears.  The meaning can be a symbol of infinity and universe.  The diamond tattoo can be linked to magical stuffs or magical energies.  A lot of religious priests make use of it. The diamond tattoo can mean loyalty, love, honest light, peace and invisibility

The diamond tattoo can also mean royalty and luxury. You decide what your diamond tattoo can mean to you when you customize it according to your taste or shape.


wrist diamond tattoos

The internet has made it possible for you to have the gorgeous diamond tattoo. You can see that the process that was involved in the diamond tattoo was not something that a novice could have done with ease.

Sexy Diamond Tattoo

female diamond tattoos

Diamond tattoo has a lot of things to tell us. It depends on the story that you want to tell with your diamond tattoo.

Finger Diamond Tattoo

finger diamond tattoos

For those who are looking for this diamond tattoo, do not worry because there is someone out there to help you with your drawing.

Hand Diamond Tattoo

lovely diamond tattoos

Just do your homework and ensure that your artist is well vast in what he or she is doing. If your artist is good as he or she claims, then having this diamond tattoo would not be a challenge.

Cute Diamond Tattoo

awesome diamond tattoos

No matter how long it would take for you to get this lovely diamond tattoo.

Awesome Diamond Tattoo

cool diamond tattoos

There was a time, diamond tattoo was rare and extremely painful to  draw. With the number of innovations out there for people to experiment with, the process of getting diamond tattoo has become simpler. The pain of getting diamond tattoo varies.

Shoulder Diamond Tattoo

shoulder diamond tattoos

The part of the body where the diamond tattoo is to be placed and the size of the diamond tattoo can go a long way in determining how painful the process of drawing diamond tattoo can be. Some people are scared with the pain of a diamond tattoo.

Words &Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoo for women

The modern machines for inking have been designed to minimize pain.

Leg Diamond Tattoo

lovely diamond tattoos

Professional diamond tattooists are seen  in parlors and online. You can choose to meet them in any venue you feel deem.

Neck Diamond Tattoo

neck diamond tattoos

Before you hire an expert to give you that drawing, do not make the mistake of assuming that the person is skilled until you confirm.


diamond tattoo for women

Sometimes, getting this diamond tattoo can take you minutes or hours depending on the angle or the size of the diamond tattoo.


diamond tattoos for girls

The risk of having infections during drawing of diamond tattoo has been reduced drastically. When you are ready to get this diamond tattoo, make sure that everything is ready including your state of mind. If your mind is not settled and relaxed during the drawing, it may be difficult to have that drawing you ever desire.


diamond tattoos

The inking of a tattoo like this makes a powerful impression to the public. You may have seen hundreds of tattoo #designs but whenever you see a diamond tattoo, you are drawn to its beauty. image source

Unbreakable Diamond Tattoo

tattoo diamond

You can make your diamond tattoo better when you add words to it. There is hardly anything that you cannot write on your diamond tattoo. Some people always remind themselves of who they are when they use some inspiring words on their tattoos. image source

Shoulder Blade Diamond Tattoo

diamond designs tattoo

If you are a lady, the shoulder blade diamond tattoo can be the best tattoo you can choose for yourself. It is either you conceal your tattoo or expose it like this. image source

Ankle Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoo ideas

The ankle tattoo designs have always been great and with a colourful diamond. If you are  a man, it can either be concealed during work hours and released when you are at home. This makes the ankle tattoo a popular one among  tattoo lovers especially the first timers. image source

Colourful Diamond Tattoo

pretty diamond tattoos

How much can you make your diamond tattoo look? There are so many ways by which you can make your diamond prettier. With a lot of designs and shapes to choose from, you can easily choose from any of them to get that amazing colourful diamond tattoo. image source

Flower Diamond Tattoo

small diamond tattoo

Flowers are lovely and if added alongside with diamonds, especially on the ankle can be the cutest thing you can do if you are a lady with a fashion sense. When you are looking for that exceptional tattoo that you need to make a grand entry, then you should go for this tattoo. image source

Word Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoo designs

Diamond tattoos have become one of the finest tattoos that people can use to achieve a lot of things especially when words are inscribed on them. image source

Flower Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoos for females

Ladies will love this flower diamond tattoo. There is no telling how beautiful you can look as a lady when you get a tattoo on your shoulder adored with flowers and diamond. image source

Chest Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoos on chest

The chest can say a lot of things when you make a huge drawing of a diamond with huge word inscriptions like this image source

Neck Diamond Tattoo

diamond tattoo designs ideas

This is the final piece of our diamond tattoo collections. It is one of the best you can find out there. image source

best diamond tattoosimage source

girl diamond tattooimage source


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