Best 24 Cat Tattoos Design Idea For Men and Women

Cats are generally independent, cuddly and playful creatures. The cat tattoo has come to express our love for these creatures.

Cat tattoo meaning

The Meaning of Cat Tattoos can mean a lot of things. The wearer is the person who will decide what to do with the feline tattoo. The #cat symbolizes a lot of traits, which include luck, prosperity, feminine power, secrets, mystery  and connection with divinity, spirituality, rebirth, afterlife link, protection, intuition, intelligence, refinement, elegance, and attentiveness.

The inking of cats has idea of motherhood, protection, hunting and even care and fortune bringing. You can go for cat tattoos because they mean intellect, gracefulness, beauty and elegance. However, it has been associated with paganism and witchcraft in Europe.

Cats are used to talk about independence in life. A lot of people who are thinking of going for something exotic and special can go for the cat tattoo. The meaning is significant and amazingly great to understand. Cat tattoos are added to other items to ensure that they have different meanings from what you may have thought of before. The meaning of cat #tattoo can be endearing also which is the reason a lot of ladies go for it. The attentiveness that comes with it is unspeakable and has the rebirth significance that most people will want to come close to at the end of the day.

colorful cat tattoos

What do you do when you see tattoos on people? Tattoos are now generally accepted in the fine art kingdom. Today, is no longer a sign of rebellion neither is it a crime to have one. We can say that out one in every five Americans have tattoo like this.

Powerful Cat Tattoo

awesome cat tattoos

Tattoo has become universal which is why people are making use of it from around the world.  Tattoo can be an art if you are a creative person.  Tattoo like this have become our every day accessory that most people cannot do without.

Chest Cat tattoo

chest cat tattoos

If you want to have a tattoo like this, the first thing that you got to do is get a good artist who will help you with the design.

Sexy Cat Tattoo

cat tattoos on thigh

There are a lot of people out there who will help you with this tattoo. A lot of people who are fashion savvy and lovers of  tattoos always go for experts in drawing tattoos. The online has hundreds of this people  who are specialized in taking tattoo to the next level.

Shoulder Cat Tattoo

simple cat tattoos

The cost of getting a good tattoo may not as expensive as you think. When you take out time to search online for experts who are good at this, you are going to have a great tattoo you would not regret.

Female Cat Tattoo

girl cat tattoos

With the tattoo trend spreading like whirl fire around cities in the world, you are not going to have a challenge getting this.

Cute Cat Tattoo

female cat tattoos

The first thing that people do when they want to get tattoo is to ask questions. The question is what would help them understand what it means to have an exceptional tattoo. Getting a tattoo means a lot of things to people who are itching to get one.

Words & Cat Tattoo

cat tattoos art

When you get one like this, you may want to get more as the years spread by. That is the addiction.

Super Cat Tattoo

face cat tattoos

Tattoo is an addiction that keeps spreading and spreading until there is hardly a part of your body where you would not see these tattoos on you.

Flower Cat tattoo

flower cat tattoos

Tattoo can tell us a lot of stores we may not want to forget in a hurry like this special one.

Chic Cat Tattoo

nice cat tattoos

Cat Tattoos Female Designs

cute cat tattoos


beautiful cat tattoosA lot of cat owners are getting cats inked on their bodies. There are things you should understand about getting cat tattoos. image source

Special Cat Tattoos

cat tattoo pic

Cats have different species and they symbolize the location where you can find them. Take for instance, the cat in Egypt can be worshipped by the locals and often taken to be divine and sacred creatures. image source

Cat Tattoos on the Shoulder

black cat tattoos

In Japan, you can ink a cat tattoo to mean bad luck. Spiritually, cat tattoos can mean a rebirth. There are mysteries and supernatural powers that have been associated with cats and often we hear that they have nine lives. image source

Simple Cat Tattoos For Ladies

cat tattoos ideas

In general, cat tattoos are great to have because they symbolize curiosity, independence and sensuality. image source

Colourful Cat Tattoos

cat tattoos pictures

Cat owners can go a long way in inking their pets on their bodies. There are different parts of the body where you can get a cat inked. image source

Cute Cat Tattoos

cat tattoos designs

Getting a cat tattoo simply allows you to bind with your pet. Before you ink a cat tattoo, you should understand that the species of these creatures matters a lot. image source

Belly Cat Tattoos

cat tattoos

To get that exceptional cat tattoo that you have always desired to get, make a good effort in hiring a professional artist. image source

Thigh Cat Tattoos

best cat tattoos

It is the work of an artist to ensure that your cat drawing look exactly the way you ever want it.  You can even make adjustments and add shapes and other #designs to your cat. Colours can be used to ensure that you have an outstanding tattoo of that cat. image source

Should Blade Cat Tattoos

small cat tattoos

You can even get a tattoo that is like this. The only thing that you need is to be creative when you want to get that tattoo. A lot of cat owners are now getting their cats on different parts of the body.  image source

Back Cat Tattoos

cat tattoo for ladies

When you want to make a great inking about your cat, the back can be the perfect place for that. You can add other designs to the cat. You can start by seeing a prototype of your drawing first, make the necessary correction before getting ink by a professional . image source

cute cat tattoosimage source

cool cat tattoosimage source